Quick Album Review: Scatter the Ground by Bull Riff Stampede

Simply put, Scatter the Ground, the debut album by UK thrash metal band Bull Riff Stampede, doesn’t mess around.  While far from reinventing the wheel and covering any new ground, this effort is straight up and honed thrash metal in the vein of some of the heavier thrash bands such as Overkill or Testament.  Sometimes a good old school thrashing is a good time, especially when it’s well done (albeit, a bit redundant though), and that’s exactly what this album is.

Wasting not even a millisecond the album dives right into blazing thrash riffing with “Central Embodiment of Evil”.  The vocals are of the death metal variety leaning toward the Chuck Schundler screech in lieu of the classic death growl.  Like this they fit the bright guitar tone wonderfully and add a great drive to the flow of the tune, and each one there after.  Pretty much each song follows this suit with the exception of “Bled to Arena”, “Mask of Five Skulls”, and “No Regrets” tossing in some heavy influences of groove metal and the album closer “Solace” being this nice laid back guitar instrumental track.

Much like this review, the record is quick and to the point with next to no BS along the way.  The songs are fun and if you’re looking for a straight forward and hard-hitting thrash metal band, look no further.  But if you’re searching for a thrash band that is experimenting and looking to push the envelope you may find yourself a bit bored with this record.  Anywho, give a listen to the song and the video and make your call.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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