Full Album Stream: Dystopium by Loch Vostok

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, sorry.  I just haven’t found anything in my Bandcamp searches that really felt ‘worthy’.  Take that however you will.  Anywho, upon seeing a band I am quite fond, Leprous, of is hitting my area in a couple of months I decided to give a listen to some of the other acts that are on the bill.  After my search, I now can’t wait for Oct. 11th to hit.  A big part is due to the band I’m going to feature here.

Sweden’s Loch Vostok are quite an interesting beast.  They’re part power prog metal akin to Symphony X, part heavy metal similar to Nevermore, and part death metal with hints of Amon Amarth sprinkled in this volatile cocktail of explosive metals.  The end result is something like I’ve yet to hear before.  I love the vocals on this record where a slight hint of Warrel Dane shows in the cleans and growls as powerful as the Viking Lord Johan Hegg power through the harsh sections, but vocalist Teddy Möller seems to have developed a unique sound all his own.  Their use and contrast are superb only matched by Mikael Åkerfeldt’s mastery of being able to flow between the two styles this well.

The music is also great blending the 3 previously mentioned sub-genres into one where the lines between are blurred wonderfully.  A death metal riff maybe grinding in the foreground while power prog style keyboards flutter in the back.  The songs themselves are insanely diversified ranging from power ballads to crushing death metal anthems, often in the same song.  This is definitely a band that doesn’t want to pigeonhole themselves to one genre.  It makes for a fully engaging and captivating listen.

Check out the video below for “Sacred Structure” and give a listen to Dystopium.  And as always, if you dig it, grab yourself a copy and/or tell your friends.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!


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  1. Now this is fun. 😀 This is like happy dance music to me.

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