Album Review: Sound Storm – Immortalia

Italy’s Sound Storm is influenced by Symphonic, Epic, Folk, and Power metal.  In case you can’t tell that by listening to their new album, Immortalia, I thought I would just tell you up front so you know what you are about to get into.  They began their own epic journey in 2002 doing cover songs before evolving into the majestic band they are today.  Beyond just the epicness of their creations, Sound Storm brings a theatrical sense to their style.  With the classical overtones embedded in their music, you get the sense of a performance.  Immortalia is not just an album you pop in for a few minutes; it is an experience that requires time and attention…and is well worth it.

I never heard this band before it was presented to me.  I popped it in and almost immediately I thought I was in for Symphonic Black metal similar to that of Dimmu Borgir.  The intro, Immortalia, is slightly less than two minutes of haunting music heavy on the classical and Speed metal side accompanied by an Opera-style chorus.  Back to Life continued with that tendency and I seriously thought I was listening to a band heavily influenced by Black metal.  After a few seconds, the tempo changed leaning heavily toward Power, Speed, and Symphonic metal…which is a good thing.  I can only handle so much Black metal.

Though mainly Power metal, Sound Storm tends to hit the high Octane frequently reaching speeds of DragonForce while maintaining a different, more angry level of ferocity.  Sound Storm really does get fairly brutal from time to time, but in short bursts that let you know the theatrical performance they have recorded is not always so pretty.  There is a dark side they like to exhibit, but they are quick to return to their melodic side; the album is full of highs and lows.  While listening to Immortalia you may find yourself anxiously waiting for the next tempo change which signifies a change in the story.

Faraway is a very melodic song opening with pianos.  Despite its serene beginning even this song has a dark side with growling vocals and suspense.  The guitar solo in the middle brings the song back around again where clean vocals resume the story.   Watching You Fading is a beautiful piece of music; one of the slower songs on the album.  The Portrait is the closer at just under 10-minutes.  It is a rollercoaster ride of Power metal and everything else in between; a great way to close the album and demonstrate their ability to infuse to so many tempos and make it work beautifully.

Overall, Immortalia is just under an hour of epic song-writing and musical prowess.  Power metal is not one of the primary metal genres I listen to, but Sound Storm is going to be on my list of bands to turn to when I need a dose of larger-than-life Power metal.  With my limited knowledge of all things Power metal, they are in a league with Blind Guardian.  Dare I say it, but I did, I know it speaks volumes in the Power metal world.  Sound Storm is currently touring Europe during the month of September 2012 with Tristania in support.  It sounds like an epic evening of epic Power metal.

Release Date:  28 August 2012

Record Label:  Scarlet Records

Nationality:  Italy


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