Song of the Week: Corpse Candles

In all of their infinite wisdom, heavy metal comedy site,, decided to deem the next big trend to take over in metal after djent runs it course to be ‘vest metal’.  They called it annoying and a fad and the article (article here) itself was kinda half assed written, not the usually standard I’ve come to know from the site.  Anyway, what I ended up taking away from the piece is that ‘vest metal’ is pretty much a bunch of old school sounding, riff based doom/hard rock bands who are big fans of Black Sabbath, often with a female vocalist.  Well, being as picky as I am with my doom metal, this is exactly the kind I love and is more akin to bands like Ghost and The Sword instead of St. Vitus or SunnO)))), whom I can find pretty boring most of the time.  So, with the amount of songs and videos they posted as examples I walked away with a dearth of new bands to check out and with open arms welcome this new trend and hope it’s here to stay.

The one band I ended up digging above all the others is a San Fransisco band called Castle.  Big fat riffs, great solos, very Sabbath-y grooves, and their haunting vocalist really give their music a great old-school sound.  And in some good news the band was just picked up by Prosthetic Records who will be re-releasing their album Blacklands worldwide in September (the album was just released with a small German label a couple of months ago, but it is a bit overpriced when you factor in the insane shipping costs the distributor charges, and worse for those living in the States, where the band is from).  I am totally looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of this record, and going by the press it’s getting so far, it’s a doozy.  Check out the tune and let us know what you think of Castle and ‘vest metal’.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!

Bonus Song

Here’s another ‘vest metal’ band that I have taken a quick liking to called Christian Mistress.  Unlike Castle above, they have a more upbeat, NWOBHM feel to them.  But in the end, it kicks as much ass all the same.  They have an album out called Possession, more on that soon, but an early preview of the review, go get it, it’s great!


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