EP Review – Three Hour Ceasefire – Cry Havoc

Thrash metal seems like it is becoming dying art.  Of course, this is my opinion, but it seems as though Thrash has morphed into some kind of pointless pound on your instruments and scream senseless verbiage metal.  Many bands have gone away from the tried and true guitar solos, melodious breakdowns, and Thrash bits that serve no purpose other than to generate spontaneous headbanging or to get a crowd moving.  It’s great to see some of the founding fathers of Thrash like Testament, Overkill, and Slayer continue to create Thrash as it was created in the 1980s.  These bands are relatively unchanged or at the very least have returned to their roots.  There are some younger bands I see today that carry the Thrash torch – bands like Trivium, God Forbid, and Machine Head.  Though these bands have been around a while, they should still be in business long after the original Big Four is retired.  Then there are even newer bands, barely established, who seem to be on a path to pick up that torch from the 10+ year old bands and keep it moving – bands like Ireland’s Three Hour Ceasefire.

This Irish quartet embodies all that is Thrash with a little bit of Death metal thrown in for good measure.  Though, missing are the lengthy guitar solos reminiscent of Dave Mustaine, Alex Skolnick, or Dave Linsk, the music Three Hour Ceasefire creates is yet another ray of hope that pure old-school Thrash metal has new torchbearers.  Their newest EP, Cry Havoc, will inspire a couple of things mentioned in the first paragraph – spontaneous headbanging and crowd movement.

Their six track (17-minute) EP is furious.  I would say there is a little influence from the Hardcore department.  Their songs are shorter than your average Thrash song (the longest just over 3-minutes), but without lengthy guitar solos they are more short and to the point, which is why I say Hardcore also fits the bill.  There is no compromise on this EP; they are obviously not looking to be played on the radio during daylight hours.  Though their EP is short, when you are done listening to it you will wonder what just happened to you.   Cry Havoc is definitely worth checking out especially if you have a little steam that needs venting!

Release Date:  June 2012

Record Label:  Savour Your Scene Records

Nationality:  Ireland


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