Video of the Week – Inside Out

I am coming to you quite late for the Video of the Week.  It’s been a full day and I am just getting home now.  I was thinking of posting a terrible video a saw a while ago…one from Anthrax.  I have been thinking of making a theme of the week featuring videos gone bad.   Anthrax probably has a few.  Unfortunately, I cant seem to remember which song it was that I wanted to find; I am sure I will find it again sometime.

During my search I came across Inside Out which is off the album Volume 8:  The Threat is Real.  It’s a pretty cool Twilight Zone style video.  For a bit of gee whiz video trivia do you know which other video featured Jenna Elfman?  Have a great weekend and enjoy this Anthrax video.


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  1. Cool tune. Anthrax are one of many bands I liked back in the day that I’ve not really kept up with. I remember when Sounf of White Noise came out and divided fans somewhat. My take at the time was that I really liked Bush’s voice but that maybe some of the songs were less memorable. Maybe it’s time to go back and check out some more stuff. Yesterdays MSoM Dyer’s Eve post had me listening back to AJFA and I really enjoyed it. Cheers 🙂

    • I definitely like both versions of Anthrax. I think John Bush did the band justice, but most of the more memorable Anthrax songs come from Belladonna out front. I thought Sound of White Noise was amazing; a really solid album. Bush was also a great live showman. I am glad Belladonna is back and I love the new album, but if Bush was still the frontman, I think I would still be the same caliber Anthrax fan.

      I love AJFA, but damn I hate listening to the production value on that CD with today’s technology. It needs a remaster, remix, re-recording, whatever it takes. Hell, even Megadeth reissued their stuff. I can’t believe Mustaine got to something before Metallica did. The new (version) Rust in Peace sounds great.

      As far as the Video of the Week, I always loved (and still do) love the heaviness of that song. It was great live, but I doubt they will be adding that to the playlist anymore…

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