Full Album Streams: Wolfhead by Wolfhead

Recently I’ve been on a doom/psychedelic/biker/progressive/old-school/stoner metal kick reaching back and listening to stuff like early Monster Magnet, Black Sabbath, and Kyuss albums.  I’ve also been going out of my way to search out and listen to some new bands that I’ve found myself enjoying a lot like Hour of 13, Blood Ceremony, Castle, and Jess and the Ancient Ones (reviews coming eventually).  Along my search I stumbled upon a band called Wolfhead and their self-titled album.  While there is a strong base of all the styles I mentioned above these guys seamlessly weave in a plethora of other styles like grunge, black metal, and good ol’ rock n’ roll.  The end result is an over-to-quickly roller coaster ride of glorious metal complete with sharp twists, turns, and loops.  Clocking in at around a half hour, this record is definitely worth your time to check out.  I hope to hear more from these guys in the future!  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!


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  1. This “very descriptive” genre has been a new doorway for me over the last year or two. I have been spinning a lot of Black Label Society, Orange Goblin, Godsized, and Kyuss lately. This is pretty cool – surely has my interest and will have to add to my list…especially since nothing that excites me was released today.

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