Song of the Week: The Preacher

Since I got my hands on Testament’s new album, The Dark Roots of the Earth, they’ve been getting some pretty regular play.  And the more I listen to them my opinion that Testament deserve a spot in the Big 4 more than a couple of bands already in there just gets solidified more and more.  For they’re entire career they’ve been completely consistent with the quality of their albums and even with they’re 9 year break between The Gathering and The Formation of the Damned they show that they are top-tier thrash metal.  I say Testament, Overkill, Slayer, and Anthrax team up for the Big 4 of Thrash tour.

Since Testament is such a killer thrash band, let’s jump into a time machine and take a trip back to 1988 and revisit their breakthrough album, The New Order.  “The Preacher” was released as a single and helped The New Order reach and maintain its position at #136 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, a big feat for a thrash metal band at the time.  This song is classic Testament, huge Skolnick solos, break-neck speed riffs and rhythms by constant axeman Eric Peterson and rhythms by Greg Christian (bass) and Louie Clemente (drums), and the classic Chuck Billy vocals we’ve all come to love.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!





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  1. What a classic album. The worst thing happened to me the first time I bought this cassette. It got eaten the very first time I hit play. I was so devasted! I managed to fix it, but the first 30 seconds of the first track were forever ruined. I had to buy another cassette later on because I wore it out. Such an awesome album!

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