Game Review: Goldeneye 007: Reloaded (Xbox 360)

I would have to say that I am a lifetime gamer.  I had the early Atari and pretty much every system that followed.  I did take a break and went a couple of years without having a system.  One of the games that brought me back into gaming was the original Resident Evil on the Playstation.  Later on down the road it was Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 that really took multiplayer to a new level.  I spent many hours laying proximity mines on those multiplayer maps.  It took some time, but the gaming industry seems to be interested in recapturing some of that old Goldeneye glory.  The Nintendo Wii released a new version of Goldeneye in 2010 for which I never noticed.  Recently Xbox (and I assume other platforms) released Goldeneye 007:  Reloaded.  It didn’t take much convincing to want to try this game out.  Though tweaked from the original, it was a nice to reminisce with a game that “I” say laid the foundation for all the shooters we have today – especially concerning online multiplayer gaming.

One of the first things I noticed about the game is that this Bond is not the same Bond from the movie with the same name.  Daniel Craig makes an appearance for voice acting Bond despite the movie version being that of Pierce Brosnan.  Judi Dench also lends her voice for this version of Goldeneye.  Otherwise, most other elements have been changed from the 2010 Wii version.  The game has been updated to meet today’s Bond standard in that he uses a Smartphone to take pictures; something that didn’t really exist at the time of the original Goldeneye movie and game.

In true Bond action, you need to proceed with stealth as you meet your primary and secondary objectives.  This is a nice change of pace from the way current popular shooters are sometimes set up.  Of course, if you are discovered that doesn’t mean you lose, you just have to go guns blazing until you can resume your normal quiet stealth operations.  The levels follow the basic pattern at the N64 version, but in much more great detail.  The game also follows the movie plot pretty closely…from what I remember of the movie.

There were really no major glitches; it was very well put together. On occasion, I could swear I was hiding quite well, but still got discovered by the AI.  Other than that, the game moved along at a steady and action-packed pace without error.  Shooting mechanics were pretty cool and easy to learn.  As you let off the aim button and repress it, the target would move to the next enemy; this made for quick-firing action so you can lay-to-rest more than one enemy quickly without being discovered.

I did play some online action.  I find it hard to play shooters online since I have been corrupted by CoD.  I did have some fun playing Reloaded online.  Unfortunately, there were not a lot of players, but when a room got filled the game pace was quick and fun.  I haven’t had that kind of experience online with a shooter since…well, you know that “other” game.

Overall, the game was a good time and worth full price if you can’t wait for the bargain bin.  The story can take 8-10 hours to get through and I would say that is about enough time for a good time. There are also timed levels you can try in addition to story mode.  The game was true to the story and if you played the original on the N64, then I think you will enjoy this updated 2011 edition.


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  1. I loved me some Golden Eye back in HS. Great to know that this was a good one, I have it on my wishlist waiting for the price to drop, maybe I’ll pick it up earlier than expected. Do you know if there’s a splitscreen mode?

    I wouldn’t say Goldeneye 64 defined shooters (I’ll play the PC elitist here, that title goes to Counter Strike), but I will say that it defined Console Shooters, especially the competitive stuff like CoD and Halo. One thing I really miss about this game (n64 version) that never seemed to catch on is the aiming system. That loose feel was great. If you happen to have a PS2 lying around, the company that made Goldeneye made a series called Timesplitters and it is just as fun, don’t know why the game never caught on. C’mon who wouldn’t want to play a game where you travel through time and fight shotgun wielding giant ducks?

  2. I used to play this game when I was a kid. My cousin had an N64 and I would play it at his house. Then I got my own and my parents bought the game.

  3. I was never a gamer as such and haven’t played in years, but mention of Goldeneye brings back memories of time mis-spent by a younger me with only a console, cans of Heineken and Gitanes for company. I had a job as a Commis-Chef at a hotel just outside of Ipswich and my days off were usually in the week so I comandeered my mate’s gaming console(s) whilst he was working. Goldeneye was definitely one of my favourites and there were a few occasions when I was up well into the early hours doggedly running thru the timed levels over and over to unlock the bonus features. I’d not actually seen the movie at that point and was actually kinda disappointed when I finally did. Do you guys remember Perfect Dark? The graphics style and gameplay were virtually identical to GE but the protagonist was a female agent called Joanna Dark and the story revolved a government conspiracy involving aliens. Loved Quake II and Medal of Honor as well.

    This may well be the only time I repond to one of your game-related posts, but thanks for triggering some pleasant memories 🙂

  4. That’s what I meant by setting the foundation…console shooters. I know PC has been in that business a long time. To see four screens move at once on the N64 was pretty cool back then. On the new Goldeneye, I am not sure if there is a split screen because I didn’t play it here with anyone. I would imagine so, but don’t quote me on that one.

    Seems like even if you weren’t a “gamer’ you might have ben exposed to this game. I have been striking out big time with games lately, so this was a nice game to play…too bad online multiplayer wasn’t that popular because it was actually pretty fun to play.

    @ Guls, I also liked Medal of Honor…I thought that was a better play that CoD for story and depth. Too bad online never really took off. I heard of Perfect Dark, but never played it. I think I can get it on eBay for like $10 now or even cheaper. I might have to give it a try.

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