The Humble Bundle for Android 3

If you’ve been reading my gaming posts it should be pretty obvious that I’m a bit of a sale searcher when it comes to video game and while I love the big AAA games as much as the next guy (or gal), I also got lots of love for smaller indie titles.  So naturally I get excited when ever The Humble Bundle runs their next bundle.  This time we get The Humble Bundle for Android 3 and an always welcome name your own price point.  So for you with Android powered smartphones and tablets can get in on some good gaming action.  As well as being great games to enjoy while you’re on the can (and don’t lie, you know that’s where you do the majority of your Angry Birds gaming 😉 ) or riding on some public transportation this batch of games also can run on your computer whether you have Windows, Mac, or Linux.  You also get codes for Steam if you want to play them on that platform for some achievements and leaderboards (must donate at least $1 to get the codes).  You can click on the Humble Bundle logo above or here to go get you bundle.

The list of games in the basic package are:

  1. Fieldrunners: A cute little tower defense game.
  2. Bit Trip Beat: Like Pong.  On amphetamines.
  3. Space Chem: A brain busting puzzle game based around chemical bonding. (the Android version is designed for devices with a resolution of 1280×800 or greater.)
  4. Cyberpunk: A game where you’ll do some hardcore hacking and brain melting. (The Android version of is only compatible with tablet devices.)

If you donate the average donation or above (which is at $6.52 at the time of writing) you also get 5 more games and they are:

  1. Spirits: A surrealist puzzle/platformer.  If you remember a game called Lemmings, it’s kinda like that.
  2. World of Goo:  Use balls of goo to build structures to reach the end of a level.  An absolute blast!
  3. Osmos: Play as a cell and osmosisize (?) other smaller cells.  Gravity likes to screw with you.
  4. Anomaly Warzone Earth: Tower defense, in reverse.  Tons of fun and lots of action!
  5. Edge: An M.C. Escher-ish puzzle game where you guide a cube through a variety of mazes.

And there you go, 9 great games for a great price.  The real bonus is that proceeds from this sale go to charity!  So the more you donate the more terminally ill children get to play video games (Child’s Play Charity) and good guy lawyers protect your internet rights (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (I bet they have Bob Loblaw on their team!).

So far my low-end smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Y) is running the majority of them well, so if you have a mid-range to high-end smartphone or a  tablet these should give you no problems whatsoever.  On PC, you’d have to be running Windows ME to not get these to run smoothly 😉  So get to buying!  There’s only 5 days left (ends on Wed. Aug. 29, 2012)!  The next time Humble Bundle runs the next deal be sure I’ll be cramming that down your throat too 😉  Happy Gaming!  Peace Love and Metal!!

Oh, and soundtracks for all the games are included too.  The World of Goo one has no right being as good as it is!


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