Video of the Week: Blodtørst

For quite a while I’ve been seeing the band name Kveltertak being tossed around with never a description of what they sounded like but never clicked on the link to check out their music.  Making an ass of u m and e, I just figured that they were another Scandinavian black metal band and went on my way.  I really need to stop doing that, it’s not healthy.  Kveltertak black metal, instead they are a great blend of dirty heavy metal, rock and roll, and crusty punk rock.  It’s all quite fun actually and their animated video for “Blodtørst” is really cool.  Check it out!  Now onto checking out bands that I passed up because of their band name, shame on me.  Peace Love and Metal!!





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  1. Catchy little ditty – reminds me a bit of a Canadian band called Fucked Up – and a nice clip too, I enjoy a well-executed bit of animation.

  2. This kicks ass! You just put me onto something awesome! 😀

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