Monday Metal Madness: While They Were Away Pt. II

Last week you all voted well and Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens took 100% of the poll over Blaze ‘George ‘The Animal’ Steel’ Bailey.  This week, let’s start an interim singer play-offs with another seed.  Happy voting!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Van Halen has had their share of vocalists join and leave and rejoin their ranks.  David Lee Roth –> Sammy Hagar –> Gary Cherone <– Sammy Hagar <– David Lee Roth.  And technically Extreme’s Gary Cherone is the interim-ist singer, but, I think he sucked, so the place in the poll goes to Sammy Hagar.  A music nerd battle that rages to this day is who was the better singer for Van Halen, and opinions are pretty split right down the middle.  Between the 2 there are pretty stark differences in the band’s style, both having being great in common.

Another almost as controversial vocalist switch was when thrash metal legends parted ways with Joey Belladonna and John Bush joined their ranks in 1992.  Like Van Halen, having a different styled vocalist led to the band having their musical style change up a bit to fit John’s rougher voice.  There was also Dan Nelson who jump in when John left for a brief period, but no albums were recorded with him, so he remains Anthrax’s dirty little secret.


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  1. That’s a tough poll. I might have to vote for Hagar because he took Van Halen to a much higher level of stardom and income earnings. Though John Bush is a fantasitc metal singer, I don’t think he did much for Anthrax except keep the ship afloat. They still played theaters and festivals, but I don’t think (my opinion) Anthrax reached any higher level of success than what they already had.

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