Tales From Bandcamp: Lions Among Men by The Firstborn

At first thought, the idea of a Buddhist metal band may sound like one of the most jarring ideas in all of metal.  A philosophy of love and peace mixed with a style of music popularly know for its aggressive and angry music just seems impossible to pull off with great success.  Well, as I’m sure you all know by now, in metal, nothing is impossible nor shunned away.  Portugal’s blackened death prog metal band, The Firstborn, have been able to capture the introspective and spiritual teachings of Buddha with their inspired lyrics and blend them with a brutal, yet beautiful and hypnotic, brand of metal.  Each track on Lions Among Men is a journey always asking the listener to open up and dig a little deeper into the music and themes played out throughout the record.  Big rewards for those who take the time to do so, as the music is multifaceted and complex, and the lyrics steeped in Eastern philosophy and mythology which can be interpreted to pertain and connect to your own life or just enjoyed for what they are.

The music here is well varied and still maintains a great, and unique flow.  Bands like Opeth, Neurosis, and Behemoth come to mind as I listen, as does the band Orphaned Land as there is the embrace of some wonderful Eastern tones, musical themes, and instruments like the Sitar.  While there is the inspired undertones of said bands, The Firstborn are in a league of their own, as I have yet to hear a band quite like them.  Give Lions Among Men a listen and if you dig it you can name your own price for a copy to add to your collection.  You can also check out their other excellent records by giving the album cover above a click.  And as always, if you dig it, share it!  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

The Firstborn links:  Facebook Bandcamp Youtube Official Site


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