Video of the Week: No One Survives

I really have to hand it to a band that puts as much work into a music video like blackened thrash folk metal band Nekrogoblikon did.  Not only are there great make-up effects and awesome music, the video is funny as hell to boot.  I love the intro scene, I totally did not expect what followed.  Bands thinking about making yet another live footage video or a video with band shots in an abandoned warehouse or in the basement of somewhere, watch this, take a step back, and re-evaluate what you’re doing.  This is a heavy metal music video done right!

The song comes off of Nekrogoblikon’s new album, Stench, and is available on Bandcamp (more on that very soon 😉 )and various other retailers.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Goblins!!!





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  1. Wow, never heard of these guys before… what an insanely awesome video they put together! While the music is usually a little technical/shred for my taste, I like it… but not as much as I like the video

    • Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment! Now if all metal bands put as much work into their music videos like these guys did, I’d be a happy metal guy! I picked up the album off of band camp and while a lot of songs are similarly thrashy/shredy like this one, there is a bit more of a folk metal flavor to them. Worth giving a quick listen, the following post has the whole album available for a free full stream via Bandcamp.

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