Tales From Bandcamp: The Primordial Booze by Rainbow Dragon Eyes

One of the things I love about digging through Bandcamp is the hope that I will stumble across some style of metal that I never even thought I would even imagine up.  Needless to say, with how far and diverse metal has become, anything logical has already been done, but sometimes, there’s that one thing not thought of out there.  Today I bring you The Primordial Booze by Rainbow Dragon Eyes and the tag they give themselves is pretty accurate.  Extreme Chiptune Dance Metal.  Let that sink in a bit.  For those who don’t know, chiptune music is music inspired by and made on classic video game systems and the software used to compose it.  Think of the timeless Mario and Mega Man music.

I guess I have to admit a guilty pleasure and say that I actually own and listen to on a semi-regular basis soundtracks for many oldschool video games (in case you care, Mega Man 2, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Lifeforce, and Super Castlevania IV are my favorites), and I also like cheesy things that would normally get most metal heads crucified.  So, if you don’t get as big of a kick out of The Primordial Booze as I did, I understand.  But man do I dig the stupid corny vocals and lyrics and music that has me itching to dive into my Mega Man collection.  When the harsh black metal vocals kick in, man what a laugh riot.  If you want to listen to something that you probably never imagined existed, take 20 minutes and give the album a listen, then wonder what the fuck is wrong with me for loving this record and question my ‘metal cred’ down in the comments.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!

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  1. A friend of mine is of russian descend. This way I got in touch with russian Pop music at some family parties. I always thought that this must be the worst kind of music, but now… 🙂

    But your right, it sounds really original. I like it when bands at least try to create something new. If you just replicate a sound it should be at least really good (for example the band Orchid). In general I have a broad music taste mainly focussing on Rock and Metal, because i love them most. But the Rainbow Dragon Eyes sound is nothing for me.

    But enjoy it! Your “real” credibility would only be touched, if you would like it and not dare to admit it.

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