Tales From Bandcamp: Perdition of the Sublime by Sophicide

So, my Bandcamp posts seem to be missing some sheer, unadulterated, brutality as of late.  Time to rectify that with one of the most soul crushing albums I’ve to hear this year.  Sophicide hails from Germany and everything on this debut album, Perdition of the Sublime, was written, played, recorded by one 20-year-old dude named Adam Laszlo, and it sounds worlds better than some aged and established death metal acts.  There is some insane shit going on throughout the whole listen including over the top guitar solos, World War size riffing, complex song structures, bowel shaking vocals, hints of symphonic metal, and even some beautiful acoustic passages.  But with all the complexity and diversity on the record there, it’s still a no-holds-barred death metal album that will bash your body until you’re nothing but a grease stain on the concrete.  But enough talk, just listen to it and marvel at the devastation.

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp

Record Label: Willowtip Records





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  1. This is excellent, really loving this album. And incredible that it came from one man…

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