Full Album Stream: No Holier Temple by Hexvessel

Hexvessel are quite the interesting specimen.  In essence they play folk metal, but not exactly the folk metal you would immediately think of when you think of the style of folk metal their home country of Finland produces.  Hexvessel opts to go for a more slow-paced, hanging out with Hunter S. Thomson, psychedelic approach.  And while the guitar tone and chord choices screams of Black Sabbath the music as a whole has a lot more in common with The Doors (especially the vocals) or Pink Floyd when they get in touch with their more ‘experimental’ side (think songs like “L’America” and “One of These Days”).  There’s also a lot of proggy and trippy movements and sections that add a lot of personality and dynamic to Hexvessel’s overall sound on No Holier Temple.  The wonderful instrumentation of the folk instruments are icing on the cake and finalize this tasty morsel of psychedelic progressive folk rock/metal band.

On my next music shopping spree this is a definite purchase for me as it hits all of my buttons for a great record, and I highly suggest checking this out if you’re into psychedelic music or anything retro flavored.  But bear in mind, while there is a lot of inspiration taken from those carpe diem years of the 60’s and 70’s, this record still manages to come off modern and fresh.  You can click here or the album cover above to visit the Finnish E-zine Inferno to listen to the whole albumand be sure to check out the video below for the album single “Woods to Conjure”.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Thanks to Angry Metal Guy and Metalsucks.net for the tip off on this band and stream.


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