Song of the Week: Thoughts Like Hammers by Enslaved

Starting off as a black metal band that wanted to buck the trend and write songs about Vikings instead of Satan during the black metal explosion in Norway during the 90’s, Enslaved’s music has done nothing but continue to push the envelope.  Each record shows them looking to expand their sound and unlike many bands that lean heavily on experimenting with their sound, Enslaved has the uncanny ability to explore new territory without alienating any of their established fanbase.  I have yet to listen to their new record Riitiir, but the buzz around the interwebs is saying it is the best and most fleshed out Enslaved experience yet.  And going by today’s Song of the Week, that hype could be very well merited.

“Thoughts Like Hammers” is the first single off Riitiir and what a musical journey it is.  I love how the tune creates this atmosphere that paints pictures of one floating through a colorful cascade of erupting nebulae in the far reaches of outer space.  And there is also the great balance between the dissonance, aggression, melody, and beauty all creating a great dynamic.  Check out the song and let us know what you thought.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!





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