Tales From Bandcamp: Demo by Goya

While I don’t think that Goya‘s band name has anything to do with the line of Latin American food products of the same name, I suddenly have a serious case of the munchies and would gladly go for a can of Goya jalapeños mixed with a can of Goya black beans topped with a generous sprinkling of Goya Adobo spices.  Taking hazy inspiration from classic stoner rock bands like Kyuss, Sleep, and early Monster Magnet, Arizona’s Goya is showing some great potential on their 5 song demo album.  IMO, what is on this demo so far really has a great sound and doing anything more to it other than adding more great songs for the final release would turn this from a nice tasty sour diesel to sticky pipe resin.  What I’m digging the most about the tunes on this demo is that while they have that slowed down and sludgy metal vibe, the songs still pack one hell of a rock and roll punch giving a nice dynamic listen (with or without the smoking apparatus by your side).  I’m totally looking forward to when Goya put the finishing touches on this record and release a full L.P. of it.  Enjoy!!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Band links: Facebook Bandcamp


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  1. Finally listened to it. Cool heavy music, but could be a bit more diversfied (IMO a thing what makes a band like Kyuss outstanding in comparison to many other Stoner bands). But hey, the are better than many others and I will definitly listen to the album.And yes, the demo sound is better than some professional productions.
    Concerning the name I remembered that there was a spanish painter named Goya who made some apocalyptic pictures (http://uploads3.wikipaintings.org/images/francisco-goya/the-great-he-goat-or-witches-sabbath.jpg). He lived in the 17th or 18th century. Mabye it refers to him.

    By the way, do you know the band Sonic Flower? They are a japanese instrumental Stoner Band. I found them on YouTube. It’s a brilliant band and they should get more attention.


    • I did not know about the painter Goya, good call, that’s an awesome painting you linked.

      And I never heard of Sonic Flower until you linked them and hole crikies!!! This is some outstanding music! Totally loving it! Thanks for that, I will be looking into finding some records by them.

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