High Horse: Tracklist Hype

So I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, someone pissed in my Cheerios, and I feel like doing a small rant on something that irks me when I go and make my rounds across my favorite metal websites.  As you see here on Metal State I rarely write about metal news unless it is something really big or interests me particularly.  I have no problem with sites doing the metal news thing (unless you are one of those sites that takes the lazy route and ctrl-c/ctrl-v each and every press release that comes your way without adding any personal commentary on the subject) and I often toss in my 2 cents on various articles and news items.  I just never feel inspired to write about them myself. But if there is one thing I just don’t get and somehow irks me is how some sites and bands make a big deal about a band releasing a tracklist for an upcoming album.  What is the point of making a big deal about it? I’m curious.  There is nothing substantial there, just a bunch of words that say nothing about the music contained within the album.  I can even understand to a degree getting hyped when seeing an album artwork.  The artwork of Heritage by Opeth, for example, showed that there was going to be change in the bands sound, but if were just to see the track list, a song like “Nepenthe” could just as well be a song title on Still Life.

A couple of weeks ago I saw that the Deftones released the tracklist of their new album and fans were salivating all over it saying it was going to be the best album yet.  Based on what?  Does the title “Goon Squad” tell you that the song will be the most brutal yet beautiful song the band has written yet?  Oh well, I guess I’m just old and grumpy and have a fixation on needing something more substantial, like a full song, to get me hyped up for a new album more than I already am (based on a bands pedigree.  I’ve seen people getting excited for a track list of a debut….. Way over my head).

Am I just a grumpy old fart and a negative Nancy?  Do you get hyped up when a band releases a track list?  Would just a tracklist sway your opinion on whether or not to buy an album?  Let me know.  Peace Love and Metal!

P.S. Here is the new single for the upcoming Deftones record.  Now I am properly hyped.


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  1. I am on the same page with this one. I can’e see any added value to posting a track list…as if the song title is an indication of the tempo of the song. I suppose if the song titles were; slow one, fast one, thrasy one, jazzy one, death with a pinch of thrash one, then I suppose I would have something to look forward to. Album covers are neat to look at, but the artwork has to be done very carefully to covey the album’s tone as you mentioned with Opeth.

    Great post! I pay no attention to track titles and to further that, I rarely listen to leaked songs or released singles before the album is released. I may check it out once or twice like I did with Machine Head or Dream Theater, but I like to wait and get the whole album at once. I would have bought those albums anyway with or without sampline a song.

  2. I don’t get it also. The only way songtitles could make me curios would be something like “The elven princess and the dragon knight” by Rage Against The Machine or “Metalcore will never die” by Manowar 😉

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