Video of the Week: Jade’s Palace by Destrage

Even if the video for “Jade’s Palace” is just a crazy mish-mash of random objects forming machinery mixed with band performance footage, the high pace and insanity of it all fits this tremendously catchy and upbeat tune perfectly.  Not much else to say other than this song is great, Destrage are a kick ass band, and the video is hella cool.  Check it out!  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!


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  1. Good song. This shows that you can make an original video without much money (I guess). And I need no more videos where a band is put in an abandoned industry complex or an old car park.

  2. that was rad! highly enjoyable music and video… i’d love to see these guys live!

  3. Cool song; quite catchy. I might have to add them to my list of things to look into in the hear future…

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