Album Review: Pathology – The Time of Great Purification

One of the first things I noticed about the new Pathology album, The Time of Great Purification, was that is contained 13-songs…awesome!  The album is only 31-minutes…damn!  I have come to discover that brutally short songs (less than 3-minutes) can typically lack something called depth.  Despite what I have experienced in recent history with other albums, I gave this album a fair shake and dedicated a whopping half-hour listening to it.  Then, I listened to it again.  Then, I listened to it again.  That wasn’t an accidental double sentence.  But, before I get into this latest release from the American Death metallers, let it be known that since 2006 they have released five albums…a hard-working group of guys no doubt about that.  I think all that hard work has paid off.

There is no mistaking Pathology takes care of business.  I never heard the band before, so my expectations were rather neutral.  The album begins with a bone-crushing riff, guttural scream, and a killer blast beat.   After the first several songs, I realized that Death metal was their formula and that is perfectly fine with me.  Based on the song length I had no expectation that there would be anything cool like guitar solos or pit worthy breakouts.  I was proved wrong.  About half way through the first track there was a nice quick solo to break up the insanity.

The pace of the album doesn’t really let up at all. It is very brutal and uncompromising the way Death metal should be.  The best part of the album was the music.  The double-bass was intense.  They didn’t forget about solos and riff-laden breakouts.  The only thing I found hard to get past was the vocal style.  It is your basic Death metal style, but very low and completely unintelligible.  My best comparisons are to bands like Job For A Cowboy and Whitechapel.  The music, however, is right up there with Cannibal Corpse caliber Death metal for which I find quite enjoyable.

Since the album is so short, this is a quick and to-the-point review.  The music is outstanding and perfect for chair throwing.  The vocal style is something that I may never really be able to grasp or truly appreciate, but based on my knowledge of the newer generation of Death metal fanatic, Pathology will go over well with that crowd.

The Time of Great Purification is a brutal experience that will leave you feeling as if you have been sprayed with mustard gas, survived a B-52 bombing, and were run over by an armored Humvee.  After all that is over, you will still be guessing what the lyrics are.  The music is bone-crushing and what separates these guys from other newer generation Death metal is that they string together coherent rhythms and maintain the classic familiar Death metal cadence.

Release Date:  25 Sep 2012

Record Label:  Victory Records

Nationality:  United States


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