Tales From Bandcamp: Possession by Christian Mistress

Damn is this album one hell of a rocker.  Filled to the brim with a doom laden style of NWOBHM mixed with a nice grungy production and a non-over-dramatic female vocalist, Christian Mistress hits all my buttons in the rights spots for what I love to hear out of a modern-retro band.  And in case you’re wondering, I don’t think Christian Mistress is a Christian band as their lyrics revolve around mysticism and all that other fun cult-ish stuff.  But who really cares, they could be singing ‘Jesus Loves the Little Children’ and I’d still be rocking out as long as they did it with that sexy guitar tone, sultry vocals, and driving rhythms.

Possession is Christian Mistress’ major label debut and I think Relapse Records made an excellent choice when signing this band (they style of production they use probably saved the label a couple of bucks too.  And bravo to Relapse for being one of the first major labels to fully embrace Bandcamp).  Front to back I totally dig this album and of all the ‘vest metal‘ (AKA Doom Metal) out there, these guys stick out to me with their high energy and presence.  So check out  Possession, the video for “Pentagram and Crucifix”, and let us know what you think.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp Official Site

Label: Relapse Records


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  1. I love this band! I’ve heard the single Black to gold an bought the album right away. Christine has an awesome voice, not perfect but raw and powerful. Just like the music. It’s only too bad, they have not more fast songs, because I really dig Over & Over.
    The first album Agony and opium is also very good.

    • I have Agony and Opium on my shortlist of next to buy. Good to know it’s quality.
      I’ve been really digging this style of doom metal that seems to be pretty popular lately. If you dig on Christian Mistress a couple other bands to check out:

      Blood Ceremony- Black Sabbath meets Jethro Tull meets Jefferson Airplane. I’ve been listening to this band a whooooole lot lately. Love that flute.

      Castle- Kinda like CM, but more ‘evil-ish’. I have a review for their latest album in the pipeline, but an early review, it’s rocks hard.

      Jess and the Ancient Ones: I love the rock n roll feel of this band and the singer has a great voice.

  2. I have Jess And The Ancient Ones bought on vinyl directly by Svart Records. I was always thinking if I should start vinyl and spend even more money than I already do. But this great artwork and an album that is so good you can listen in whole convinced me. So I got it together with Christian Mistress and Orchid. And it was worth it!
    I knew another Castle song and this one is also great, so I will finaly buy the album.
    Blood Ceremony I’ve read about but not listened until now. It’s fantastic! Thank you! And you described very well.
    Some people started calling all those female fronted rock bands with seventies relation and partial with occult themes a hype. But I would disagree, because it’s just a few, but great bands not thousands of them like it was with Metalcore. And even if it is: Finally a trend I really like ;-P Too bad there are not many bands with female vocals besides the Gothic and Nightwish-like bands.
    I think you may already know Royal Thunder but if not:


    • I am doing my damnedest to stay away from collecting vinyl. I already blow more than enough money on CDs (the #1 destroyer of my expendable income 😉 ). When I get around to having a bigger house though, I would like to get a few dozen vinyls with particularly great artwork and use them for display in my ‘music room’.

      I’ve been seeing that many see this female fronted doomy, Black Sabbath worship bands as a fad too. Well, I’m in agreement with you, if it is a fad, I’m down for it, bring it on. I love this kind of music and have already been digging on the style for years minus the bands with the female vocals. And as much as I dig the Gothic female fronted bands, I prefer the feminine style in this kind of music much more, feels a lot more fitting and less forced. And since it’s a big thing now, better for me, tons of new great bands getting exposure and finding their way into my collection.

      I haven’t heard Royal Thunder yet and for the 2nd time today you have shown me a band that rocks my socks off! Totally want to get something from them, and their on Bandcamp too!! I see a post for them in the future! Thanks duder!

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