Tales From Bandcamp: Holiday in Dystopia by Lion Splicer

Some months ago NY’s Lion Splicer sent us their E.P., Valkyrie, for review.  Both Reggie and I agreed that they were a damn cool band, dug the raw rock and roll with hints of punk rock style, but could have used some refinement and tightening up in some areas, but the songwriting was solid and the music was damn fun.  Well, Lion Splicer have just released their first full length album, Holiday in Dystopia, and I’m here to say they beefed up their quality ten-fold while maintaining that dirty and raw rock and roll sound that made their E.P. so damn groovy.

Holiday in Dystopia is a half hour of driving tunes steeped in good ol’ rock and roll with hearty dashes of thrash metal, punk rock, and funk tossed in.  Lots of killer leads, riffs, punky vocals, and solos brought a smile to my ears.  They also added a slight prog rock element to their sound this time around giving their music a much nicer and smoother dynamic.  No offense to Max, the vocalist, but my favorite tracks off the album were the 2 instrumental tunes “Forgotten City” and “Utopia in Regalia” where there is some Frank Zappa love popping up along inside the well written jams.  While not perfect, Holiday in Dystopia, is a damn fun and diverse listen and shows the rapid rate that this NY duo is improving.  If they follow the track they are on now, I see some big things for them in the future.

Give a listen to Holiday in Dystopia, let us know what you thought, and grab a copy for yourself, it FREE!  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp


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