Theme Thursday: The ABCs of Metal and Hard Rock

L is for Lamb of God

M is for Machine Head

N is for Neurosis

O is for Opeth

P is for Pantera

Q is for Queens of the Stone Age

One of my all time favorite videos.

R is for Revocation

This band has been on constant rotation again the past week or so.


T is for Testament

My #1 thrash metal band of choice.

U is for Unearth

V is for Vektor

W is for White Zombie

X is for X Japan

Y is for Yggdrasil

Z is for Zao


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  1. Ok,I tried not to look at your list first as to not influence mine. Here goes:

    A – Annihilator
    B – Black Label Society
    C – Carcass
    D – Death Angel
    E – Ensiferum
    F – Fear Factory
    G – Gwar
    H – Helloween
    I – Iron Maiden – duh
    J – Judas Priest
    K – Killswitch Engage
    L – Lahmia
    M – Megadeth
    N – Nightwish
    O – Overkill
    P – Pantera
    Q – Queensryche (is there another Q?)
    R – Rush
    S – Suicidal Tendencies
    T – Testament
    U – U2 (needed help with this one)
    V – Voivod
    W – White Zombie
    X – Xerath
    Y – Y & T
    Z – Zebra

    Seems like the ones that came to mind first were more popular bands IMO. Interesting. Cool post, that was fun to do.

    • Nice. Funny to see that just about everyone who does this picks Iron Maiden for ‘I’. Shows the influence they had on music. It makes me a happy Maiden fan. For ‘Q’ all the bands in my library start with some form of ‘Queen’, Queen, Queensryche, Queens of the Stoneage…

  2. Amplifier,
    Black Sabbath,
    Crimson Glory,
    Fair To Midland,
    Great White,
    Husker Du,
    Iron Maiden,
    King Crimson,
    Machine Head,
    Porcupine Tree,
    Queens of the Stone Age,
    Warrior Soul,
    The Young Gods

    Ok, not all strictly metal then – I’m a prog-head at heart, and a prog-heart at head – but some rockin’ stuff nonetheless. I wish I could be arsed to dig out YT clips for them all, but instead I’ll just provide a few highlights, mostly the more obscure ones…

    Nasty triggered drums and silly masks, but a fabulously-overblown, melodramatic mood piece – and how great was Midnight?!

    Singer Jen does the screams, too – with back-ups by the geezer from Raging Speedhorn, I think…

    One of my favourite singers at the mo – nutter!

    Funny lot the Swiss – Young Gods, Celtic Frost and Yello – that’s their whole music scene, I think 😉

    Wow, some of this ’90s shit hasn’t aged so well, eh?! 🙂

    • Some Bands I haven’t known yet. Defenestration and Levitation videos look really 90s like (as i know from pictures and movies). XC-NN sound interesting and I like the Welfare state is a cool song.

    • Some really cool stuff there! I particularly dig Fair to Midland, such a talented young band. And Levitation is particularly cool.

      Props for the Husker Du shout out. I haven’t listened to them in years, damn solid band!

  3. A – AC/DC
    B – Blind Guardian (first Metal band I ever heard, so it’s like a reflex)
    C – Coheed And Cambria
    D – Days In Grief ( Alltime-favorite: Short-lived and extraordinary Band from Cologne. Two
    singers, very meldodic kind of Metalcore (I would label it). Absolutly great but the< sadly never made it.)

    E – Entombed
    F – Fates Warning
    G – Gadget
    H – Haunted, The
    I – Iron Maiden (also a reflex, I guess)
    J – Jess And The Ancient Ones (see Christian Mistress post)
    K – Kassierer (German Punk Band mostly singing about Sex-reliated themes, alcohol or both. The created high-class masterpieces like Gangbang in the nursing home, I kill my neighbour and beat up his corpse or Drunk around the clock:

    L – Lamb Of God
    M – Monster Magnet
    N – Neaera
    O – Opeth
    P – Primordial
    Q – Queensryche
    R – Rammstein
    S – Satan
    T – Temple Of The Dog
    U – Unsane
    V – Violent Femmes
    W – White Zombie
    X – X-Japan
    Z – ZZ Top

    That would make a good playlist. Cool idea. And I will check out how Lahmia, Xerath and Zao are sounding. Never heard of them.

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