EP Review: Grenouer – Computer Crime

Grenouer is based out of St. Petersburg, Russia.  They carry a more mainstream style than that of a standard metal band.  Of course you wouldn’t know otherwise if you haven’t been following the band.  They seem to have taken a musical direction away from the heavier version of their former selves.  The composition on their most recent album is a little different than what we normally feature here at A Metal State of Mind.  The biggest resemblance to any other band I think of when I hear this music is Oasis.  It’s more in the vocals than in the music, but it was the first thing that came to mind when I started listening.  On occasion, however, they get a bit more hard-hitting than anything Oasis would have done.   Computer Crime is their latest EP and spans about 23-minutes of what I would call a fairly eclectic style of rock, hard rock, and a touch of metal.

Fix Your Life starts off the album with a rockin’ beat that sounds quite promising.  It isn’t overly fast, but does carry a touch of heaviness in it.  The strength of the song gives me the impression that the album may get heavier, but Golden Years does a complete 180 degree turnaround from where I thought the album would or should go.  This is where the mainstream style makes its appearance.  This is more of your warm summer day (Sugar Ray) kind of song.  Despite the lack of metal in this song, it is still well put together.  Last Stop brings the album back to the hard rock vibe it had before it disappeared for a few minutes.

Though I have no issue with how these songs are arranged, I personally can’t figure out if Grenouer wants to be heavier like Staind or more accessible like Daughtry.  Based on my research of their older material, I believe they are taking a break from the more abrasive metal they used to play.  Computer Crime takes you on a rollercoaster ride of varying tempo.  Interestingly, the one song that has the most semblance of anything metal is also during the song that is the slowest and most toned down – See No Sun.

Grenouer knows how to write and record music and they do it quite well.  The musicians are talented and the vocalist can, in fact, sing.  However, as a listener I can’t help but think that they are still trying to find their comfort zone in a particular subgenre.  It appears they have the ability and talent to be heavy or even heavier, but their slower songs would probably go over well on the radio or on the Top 40 hit list.  When it comes to the metal and we know and love at A Metal State of Mind, Grenouer falls a bit short in that department.  However, as musicians they definitely have the ability to get somewhere.

Release Date:  2011

Record Label:  Copro Records

Nationality:  Russia


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