Album Review: Pro-Pain – Straight To The Dome

Almost as fast as the sun rises and falls, Pro-Pain has unleashed another collection of short vicious songs that comprise their 13th studio album.  Straight to the Dome was released this past Tuesday much to my surprise.  I don’t think Pro-Pain invests that much in advertising, so each time they release an album it’s a pleasant surprise to me.  Eleven new songs are a whopping 36-minutes and though it falls short of my standard 45-minute minimum for album length, Pro-Pain packs enough punch in those brutally short songs that when the album is over you feel physically worn down.   Pro-Pain’s albums are among the few that can get away with very short duration albums.  I make acceptions to my rule when the album is just damn good.  Needless to say, it’s a fine album.

After 20 years of perfecting the hardcore sound that kept them from entering any sort of limelight, Pro-Pain returned with another brutal set.  They are among a few bands I can think of off the top of my head, along with Overkill and Slayer, that has remained true to the sound they created back in the very beginning with the release of Foul Taste of Freedom.  Though Straight to the Dome and Foul Taste of Freedom have 20 years between them, you simply can’t tell that through the nature of their music.  It’s still brutal, still thrashy, and still relevant.

The album begins with no fancy intro, no orchestra, no specially designed riff – just hits you in the face all at once.  The self-titled, shortest song on the album begins in full force for the first 38 seconds or so before we end up with a nice thrashy break sure to be a crowd pleaser.  As you would expect from Pro-Pain, the rest of the album follows suit from there.  Without doing a play-by-play this time around I will simply say that this album is full of killer riffs, bad-ass solos, and fist-in-the-air chants that define a Hardcore album.

Though Pro-Pain never ventures too far from their roots, they have a knack for creating albums that seem to stand alone from each other.  You know exactly what you are going to get with this album and there is nothing I can tell you except that they have outdone themselves again.  Straight to the Dome is a punishing experience from beginning to end; a superb Pro-Pain album.  Some of the gems I can point out to you are Bloodlust for War, Good Day to Die, Payback, and Straight to the Dome.

Overall, this is standard Pro-Pain, but still so damn good and better than the last.  There is no lack of angst on this album, no experimental ballad, or acoustic alternate version.  This is Pro-Pain, as you would expect – completely brutal with a touch of melody through guitar solos.  I would love to see these guys on tour opening for Slayer.  What a brutal night that would be!

Release Date:  25 September 2012

Record Label:  Rawhead

Nationality:  United States (New York)


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