Song of the Week: Cradle Robber by Revocation

A few weeks ago I popped Chaos of Forms by Revocation in to listen to when I heard the news of their new E.P. being released (you can get said E.P. for free here, it rocks) and have been listening to it obsessively since giving it a minimum of at least 2 spins a day.  Chaos of Forms is a f’n awesome album and you should listen to it (as well as their back catalog).  One of my favorite tunes of the album is “Cradle Robber”.  I dig the upbeat thrash metal drive and catchy chorus.  Then there’s Dan Gargiulio and David Davidson’s wicked sick solo that just puts the song into overdrive.  Dudes are definitely up there as one of my favorite modern metal guitarist duos.  Thrash out to “Cradle Robber” then check out the awesome bonuses after the jump.  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Bonus Awesomeness

Here’s a treat for you guitarists out there.  Here’s David Davidson giving a lesson on how to play “Cradle Robber”.  That intro riff is a fun one, I love it.  And if you’re curious, the tuning is a half step down from standard.

If that song didn’t convince you enough to listen to more Revocation or it made you crave more Revocation, here’s Chaos of Forms in full by way of Bandcamp stream.  Seriously, listen to it and buy it then blast it at 11 from your stereo, your neighbors will thank you.


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