Album Review: Whyzdom – Blind?

Just when you think the Dutch have mastered Symphonic metal, the French band Whyzdom is crashing on the scene with their orchestral arrangements and heavy melodies.  After having gone through temporary vocalists to fill a void, they finally secured the services of Elvyne Lorient for full-time duty.  Her soothing and enchanting vocal style softens the crushing riffs and provides an equal balance between the heavy and the not-so-heavy melodies.  The new album Blind? has 11 songs and packs over an hour of Symphonic metal that should appeal greatly to fans of the metal subgenre.

The initial riff at the beginning of the opening track The Lighthouse is a familiar tone that resonates well with metal fans.  It’s a simple, but heavy riff that defines a metal song from any other style of music.  The song then transitions into the more symphonic style reminiscent of Delain and Within Temptation, but a bit heavier throughout the album.  One thing to note, though, is that the average song length on Blind? is about 6-minutes…which is much longer than you would hear with the two aforementioned Symphonic metal bands.

Whyzdom does a good job of infusing different melodies and influences throughout the album.  Paper Princess showcases more prominent piano playing along the lines of a ballad before it transitions to a more speedy and melodic style, then ending on a softer note. There are also multiple guitar solos in this song which makes for an enjoyable listen.  The Spider is a downright headbanging song while Cassandra’s Mirror has a tinge of folk in the song’s intro.

Lorient’s vocals are strong and complement the heaviness of the music quite well.  Without sounding negative, the music is less-pretty than you might expect with a Symphonic metal band.  She provides the prettiness with her voice where the band plays quite heavy and at times ferocious.  The last song on the album, Cathedral of the Damned, is an opus that perfectly closes out the 1-hour+ album. The song is made up of the many influences and styles used throughout the album. The varying tempo keeps the song alive; it comes off like a closing or recap of a story.

Overall, the album has great production quality; a characteristic that help put Whyzdom in a category with other prominent Symphonic female-fronted bands.  They are a talented band that explores some serious heaviness while keeping things enchanting and melodic.  The album is a bit long for my taste, but at the same time I give them an A+ for going the extra mile to give fans a solid album.  You don’t see that too much anymore.

At the time of this review, I was not able to find a YouTube clip or video of new material.  Here a link to Sound Cloud to hear The Lighthouse

Release Date:  30 October 2012

Record Label:  Scarlet Records

Nationality:  France


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  1. You can also find a video trailer with the beginning of ‘Cathedral of the Damned’ here :

  2. Sounds interesting. I’m digging the soundcloud track. They have a bit more heaviness than your average run of the mill symphonic metal band. I like that.

  3. I’m not realy a Sympohnic Metal fan, but the song sounds quite good. Heavier and not overloaded as many others. But is it just me or are the vocals mixed way too much in the foreground?

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