Videos of the Week: Witchtripper, Domino the Destitute, Astral Bodies, and Devil’s Jukebox

I had a bit of trouble singling out this weeks video of the week, so, to take the path of least resistance, here all 4 videos that I watched and found damn awesome.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

First up is the new video from Down in support of their new, and totally kick ass E.P., Down IV, Pt. I – The Purple E.P.  “Witchtripper” shows Phil, Pepper, Kirk, and Co. getting their LARP on with this silly video clip.  It was funny enough to see the doomsters in costumes, but when they took the title of the song literally and tripped a witch, man did I laugh my ass off.  The song is damn catchy too.

Next 3 after the jump.

Next up we have the new video from Coheed and Cambria in support of their upcoming album, The Afterman, which hits stores next Tuesday (Oct, 9, 2012).  Instead of focusing on all things fantasy, CoCa bring the video for “Domino the Destitute” into the real world as we follow the demise of a rising boxing star.  Some excellent cinematography and an excellent song make this video a complete pleasure to watch.

And for the other big release for next Tuesday, Between the Buried and Me have their highly anticipated album, The Parallax II: Future Sequence, primed and hyped up with this futuristic, symbol laden, and trippy video for “Astral Bodies”.  This video is simply beautiful, props to the digital artists and photographers that handled the filming and special effects on it.  Song is tits too.

And finally, a video from a lesser known, but still damn rocking band called Kevlar Bikini.  “Devil’s Jukebox” is in support of their latest album, Explodisiac (Review Here), and while it features a good amount of one of my music video no-no’s (performance footage in a basement) they make up for it with tons of glow in the dark stuff (I want those glow in the dark bass strings) and more importantly, tons of stuff getting smashed up real good.  I mean, who doesn’t love a good smashing.  T.V.s, computers, drum kit, the band.  Nothing is safe.


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