Book Review: Pines by Blake Crouch

Recently, I was in need of good book.  I had absolutely nothing in mind which led to random browsing of new releases.  I came across a novel called Pines by Blake Crouch.  What attracted me to this story was the description telling me this novel was inspired by the television shows X-Files, Twin Peaks, and Lost.  Within minutes, I had it downloaded to my Kindle App on my iPad.

The premise of the story intrigued me from the very start.  Special Agent Ethan Burke is on assignment to Wayward Pines, Idaho.  His objective is to locate two fellow agents who went missing there.  Upon arrival in the picturesque town, he is involved in a devastating car accident that leaves him wandering the area injured and disoriented; his partner nowhere to be found.  He receives treatment from a seemingly normal hospital staff, but something is just…off.  The story unfolds intensely as Ethan realizes he may never be able to leave town.

From the beginning, the story is suspenseful and riveting.  As a reader you can sense that something is not quite right with the townsfolk.  Everyone seems all too pleasant in a quirky kind of way.  Ethan is not getting answers to the questions he is asking and before he knows it, he is running for his life.

The writing style makes for an easy read in that the elements of science fiction are not so deep that the reader will feel lost in details.  The story unfolds clearly with sufficient explanation.  There is enough of the X-Files strangeness to the story to make you wonder what will happen next, but Crouch doesn’t leave the reader hanging for very long.  All the questions posed during the story do eventually get answered by the novel’s conclusion.  Though elements of the story are not plausible with today’s technology, things are explained in such a way that makes them seem conceivable given the right circumstances.

I found myself glued to the story using every bit of free time finding out what was going to happen next.  The story concluded with room for more, but if the author decides not to return to Pines, readers should be satisfied.  It was an enjoyable read, suspenseful, and a gripping page turner.  For those that really enjoy a bit of suspense mixed in with a touch of science fiction; this is a novel well worth your time.


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  1. Great with a book that keeps you glued to its pages, I’m always looking for books like that 😀

  2. I’ll have to check this one out, it sounds right up my alley. Adding sci-fi/fantasy to anything will almost always catch my interest.

    2 things on a side note: Out of curiosity, how is it reading on an Ipad? Does the backlight and glossy screen bother your eyes. I have a Kindle which I read about 40% of the time, I still have a big stack of paper books to start and finish reading (like music, it never ends, lol). I like the Kindle because it’s not glossy and has that paper like screen, but when I read long documents on my computer my eyes bother me.

    Also, since this seems like a good place for me to run my mouth about my favorite bundle site. Humble Bundle has broadened their horizons beyond video games and are now doing a pay what you want eBook bundle filled with sci-fi and fantasy books. Check it out! They deserve the support. Proceeds go to charity also!

    • I read on my Ipad alot, and since you have light/brightness settings that you can adjust to your liking, it never bothers me with reading on a screen, like it does on the computer.
      If you use the app Bluefire reader to read books, you can also change so that the background is black and the text white, which makes the screen darker/softer, it’s better on the eyes and also good if you’re laying beside your partner in bed but don’t want to bother him/her with a bright screen.

      I’m sure there’s an app that has “paper like screen” too 🙂

    • If you never read on the iPad, I would suggest borrowing one and trying it out. My wife doesn’t seem to like it because of the bright light, but like Irmelinis said (below) it can be adjusted. I set mine to more of a sepia tone and I like it. I am on my third novel with the iPad Kindle App and I actually enjoy the portability of everything. You can also set the font to bigger sizes which I am sure will come in handy later on in life.

      As for the book there were some not-so-good reviews out there. I think mainly because of the out of this world nature of the ending. If you are able to let your mind wander and ponder the possibilities of the end of the book existence, you will enjoy it.

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