Song of the Week – Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

This was one of the first Metallica songs I was exposed to when I had my life altering metal moment in the kitchen of the restaurant I was working in.  To this day, Master of Puppets is probably my favorite Metallica album and I wish they would remaster and re-release it.  As far as I am concerned Welcome Home (Sanitarium) has the perfect mix of slow and speedy metal; it makes for a great well-rounded song.  Below is a fan video with some cool pictures and live footage; fitting for the feel of the song.  Have a great week!

Check out the full article for some cool covers and at least one not-so-cool cover.

Below are some interesting covers of this very cool song…



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  1. One of my favorite Metallica songs. It is a haunting melody and the song build-up is just perfect. The theme of the song matches the music and the lyrics go hand in hand with the progress of the song. In this song all comes together. Goosebumps and headbanging all in one!

    I like Ride the lighting just a little bit more like Master of puppets. Mainly because it’s a little bit more focussed in songwriting and simply because of Fade to black, what a masterpiece!

    The covers are all ok. But Bullet For My Valentine and Dream Theater just replay the song without any changes . The Limp Bizkit version has a good beginning. I like the tempo change in the chorus. Not bad. Anyway, in my opinion, Limp Bizkits better songs are their cover versions.

    By the way, is a whole Dream Theater show that stiff like in this video? They don’t move at all, do they?

    • Dream Theater is one of those bands that you go see for the musicianship. I think they have learned to move around a bit more, but for the most part, they just let the music do the talking. It’s one of those shows where it is acceptable to sit down and the band doesnt get offended.

      I always heard when it comes to cover tunes, bands should either play it exactly as it was intended or basically redo the whole thing and make it their own. I tend to prefer replicas than revamps. Either way, it’s great to hear other’s preferences. I appreciate you coming by and chatting with us. Oh, I do like Ride The Lightning quite well…it also needs a remastering. Fade to Black is killer!

  2. I saw DT do one of their Master of Puppets cover show before (I think 2002 at Radio City Music Hall in NYC). They had a lot more energy there then they do in the above video.

    And Welcome Home is definitely one of Metallica’s best tracks ever.

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