Tales From Bandcamp: Varia Suite by Metroid Metal

Over the weekend I had a hankering to do some classic gaming and returned to one of my all time favorite games, Super Metroid on the SNES.  While I have beaten the game more times than I can count, each time I play it there is a freshness to it that seems to never expire.  Perfect controls, perfect pacing, timeless graphics, plenty of fun gadgets and weapons, and tons of stuff to explore keep the game from ever showing its age.  While I was burning through my playthrough over the weekend something struck me.  The music in Super Metroid is damn excellent with its ability to be minimalistic yet still create some memorable melodies.  Somehow in my wide collection of video game soundtracks I seemed to be missing Super Metroid’s.  So out hunting for one I did, and that’s when I came across this little gem.

Like chocolate, adding metal to about anything will make it awesome.  Game soundtracks, especially earlier, chiptune ones, relied on strong melody to create compelling listens.  Metal is no stranger to melody and the two really work off each other,  in particular the speeder songs, like Caslevania, Contra, or Lifeforce tunes.  Bands like Powerglove and Vomitron (horrible name, awesome band) have proven that metal and game soundtrack are a match made in heaven.  In my collection of metalized video game music, songs from the Metroid series seems to be lacking among the many renditions of the Super Mario or Final Fantasy themes.  Maybe the low-key nature of Metroid’s music has proven to daunting to rework without doing a disservice to the originals.  Well in my search for a Metroid soundtrack I saw a link to a band called Metroid Metal.  Naturally I had to listen.

Not only does the band rework the music of the Metroid series into metal tunes, they do a stellar job at it keeping true to the source material as well as adding a newfound energy to the songs.  The musicianship is excellent as well as the tweaked structures of the tunes which the band expanded upon from the originals.  Even if one isn’t partial to game soundtracks I feel that there is a lot to enjoy.  If you’re into prog-metal/rock do give this a listen.  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

Band Links: Bandcamp Facebook Official Site


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