EP Review: Nova Art – The 3rd Step

The 3rd Step is the latest album from Nova Art.  The 32-minute album is full of varying tempos from the downright Thrashy to the quirky and funky and little in between.  It is an eclectic set of songs that really leaves you wondering what is going to happen next.  Overall it is mostly in the Hard Rock to Metal area, but every now and then there is a cool riff that stands out and gives the song a little bit of flavor.  Nova Art is the kind of band that could command a mosh pit or just rock the house.

Black Harmony is the song that starts things off.  There is a uniquely interesting riff in the very beginning of the song that sort of had me raising an eyebrow, but then the core of the song started to take place and I realized that was just a “thing” to give the song a bit of pizzazz.  At times this track is a pit worthy song, but by the time it’s over it sounds like something that could be played in a jazz club.  I thought it was interesting because Nova Art had a way of melding all this together with seamless transitions.  When the song concluded, I was eager to hear what the next tune was going to bring.

No More Pain began a bit atmospheric with a little help from some keyboard work.  The guitar has a glimmer of something a bit Asian feeling, but subtle.  It slowly built itself up to something that would open a pit…possibly and thrown into the mix was a little funk bass.  Clean vocals make the song quite pleasant and before you know it…pit time again.  A female vocalist made her presence in this song with a singing style that reminded me of Gwen Stefani, but only in style not range.  And she can scream quite well too.  I liked the little jabs here and there of the bass guitar.  It wasn’t a prominent force in the song, but definitely made its existence known.  This song can get a bit angry at times as though I am being yelled at for something.

This album is probably a little more progressive than I am making it out to be.  They vary their tempos quite a bit always keeping things moving along.  You, The Only is the third track and follows the path of the first two.  There are bits of angst followed by something more subtle and a softer touch from the female vocalist.  In tempo it is a bit more toned down than the first two, though it does get a bit heavy from time to time.  The piano makes a pleasant entry in the latter part of the song before resuming its heaviness.

The remaining three songs are listed as cover tunes which I always think are cool to hear if pulled off well, but by now I wanted to hear more original music.  First off is My Beloved Hat.  It’s a song I doubt I ever heard, but it was enjoyable none the less. I am going to have to go back and research that one.  The next one was a Britney Spears cover of Me Against The Music. Again I never cared for Spears. If I never knew it was a cover, I would have thought they wrote the song themselves.  The last cover and final song on the album is Pacific by Zodiac.

When I heard the quirky intro to Black Harmony, I was a bit skeptical, but that turned into a set of songs I wanted to hear.  Though the album it short, the three original songs were of adequate length to get a good fill of what Nova Art is about.  It was an interesting listen that I found enjoyable and bit a departure from the normal dose of Thrash I listen to.  At times they hit that level I like and then they transition to some cool rock and progressive elements.  The 3rd Step is a cool collection of heavy and quirky tempos arranged in such a way that make for an interesting and pleasurable listening experience.

Release Date:  31 July 2012

Record Company:  My Kingdom Music

Nationality:  Russia


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  1. Thanks for a cool review!

    Andy, NOVA ART

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