Video of the Week: The Grip Tightens by Revocation

By far my favorite newer metal band at the moment Revocation play a style of thrash metal that is impossible to ignore.  While having a good amount of seriousness in their sound, they do not shy away for a second from having some good ol’ fun with their music, and now in their videos.  The video for “The Grip Tightens” is by far the best performance footage video ever released.  Props to the makeup artist for his work in making the guys in Revocation into old men.  My eyes are still tearing and sides are still ripping from laughing so hard.  Comedy gold.  Check out the video and don’t forget you can get the E.P., Tetrogenesis, that this song is from for FREE (Click Here), so don’t forget to do that.  It’s really damn great.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

More great videos after the jump!

Bonus Videos

As per usual, there were plenty of new videos to release this week that I just can’t ignore.  So here a couple more really great vids.  First up is Castle whose album, Blacklands, has pretty much secured a spot on my year-end top list.  Their grooved based doom metal is a blast to listen to and I love the diversity on the songs on the album.  For “Storm Below the Mountain” vocalist/bassist Elizabeth Blackwell takes the back seat on vocal duties only injecting her sultry voice in the background while guitarist Matt Davis takes the forefront.  The video is well-directed using some cool psychedelic effects along with performance footage to make a very fitting video.  Check it out!

Next up is progressive black metal titans, Enslaved, and their video for “Hammers Like Thoughts” off their new album RIITIIR.  This video is proof that no special effects or huge budgets are needed to make a powerful music video.  All you really need is a good song.  If you love nature you will love this video.  Sit back and relax and watch the soothing images to the tune of Enslaved.

I also feel I should make mention of the new Cattle Decapitation video for “Forced Gender Reassignment”.  To say that the video makes an impression is an understatement.  Now, I’ve watched a lot of horror and gore flicks in my days, and this video sits up there with the sickest of them (Cannibal Holocaust, Blood Sucking Freaks, Serbian Film, Human Centipede 2, type stuff, it’s that fucked up.)  It’s twisted, disgusting, absolutely depraved, and unforgettable.  I can’t post the video here due to WordPress TOS, but if you follow this link here you can give it a watch.  Warning!  The video is very literal to the song name, contains graphic violence, nudity, graphic sexual acts including rape, and is very gory.  The first time I watched it I turned it off about halfway through, but eventually soldiered on for the whole thing, and boy does it get fucked up.  So if you have the stomach for it and are not easily offended or are a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, give it a watch, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.  A Metal State of Mind doesn’t condone the acts in this video, even though I personally have to say the victims kind of deserved what they got and this would also be a fitting punishment for violent pedophiles.


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  1. Castle is such a great band. I seem really to like this kind of sound. It isn’t really catchy, it isn’t really well produced or sung. But I love the entire setting of their music. Awesome record! One of my favorites as well.

    The same thing with Revocation. This blog brought me this band and I am really grateful. A truly original band who deserves every attention it gets. And I’m sure it will and has already payed off to give away their music for free (Talking about marketing I think it’s one of the best concepts. If you are a new band the most important thing is to get attention. Give away things for free always works. At least for curious cheapskates like me ;-P). I listened to the album a lot lately. Many great ideas. Especially things like the smooth break in “Dissolution ritual” at 1:50.

    The Enslaved song is also excellent. Great sound and song. And what a mighty song title. I have “Axioma ethica odini” and it’s a joy to listen to.

    The Cattle decapitation video is fierce. I’m not a fan of this gore-horror thing, what scares me is way more subtle. But it’s technically well made and intense as well as the music. Also in general: Art should be free. And by the way: Fuck God! 😀

    All the videos are perfectly fitting the atmosphere of the songs. As I may already have said: There’s no reason to shoot more of the kind of videos where a Metal band is put in an abandoned factory ground or a comparable setting.

    Great videos, thanks!

  2. And while – among others – woman-fronted rock bands are a theme here again. Do you know A Dead Forest Index?

  3. I do not know the video. Could this voice really belong to a man?!

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