Tales From Bandcamp: Moongod by Aeternam

If the realm of metal were to be personified by warring factions I would thing that the 2 sides with the most over the top, bloody battles would be between Symphonic Power Metal and Death Metal.  While both are metal, they rest at the opposite ends of the spectrum   Power Metal is ultra-happy and peppy and gloriously superfluous filled to the brim with high-flying theatrics and antics that garners quite a love it or hate it relationship from metal fans.  Add symphonics to the mix for extra cheesiness.  Death metal on the other hand is grim, raw, and looks to do nothing but smash the listener in the face with a battle maul.  But what if these 2 warring factions got together, made peace, and wrote and album together?  The result would be Moongod by Canada’s Aeternam.

Taking the visceral elements from Death Metal like the guttural vocals, blazing blast beats, and grinding riffs and blending them with the high-flying instrumentation, catchy choruses, clean vocals, and the delightful cheesiness of Symphonic Power Metal, this album is one hell of an interesting listen as well as a ton of fun and totally engaging.  There are also neat elements of Middle Eastern music blended into the symphonic elements and the occasional vocal lines adding to the rad dynamic Aeternam has going on.  If you are looking for a high energy and unique listen definitely give Moongod a listen, I think you will be quite pleased.


Band Links: Facebook Bandcamp


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