Song of the Week: Halloween by Helloween

Obvious Song of the Week choice is obvious, but damn is it a great tune.   Helloween’s “Halloween” off of Keeper of the 7 Keys is the perfect song to blast at your home as you watch horror movies and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters.  Enjoy this epic and have a Happy Halloween!!!!


P.S.  This is probably an odd place to put this request, but if you could, please send your positive energy over to those that were hit by Superstorm Sandy.  Growing up and spending 26 years of my life on the Jersey Shore before venturing out to explore the world, the effects of the destruction really hit home for me.  As I see pictures of my old haunts and stomping grounds flooded and leveled to the ground and hearing stories of how some of my friends have lost their homes it tears me up.  Fortunately the death toll was minimal as local, state, and national governments handled the situation wonderfully and the people of the communities really reached out to each other and kept a horrible situation as safe as possible.  So, keep the NJ and NY in your thoughts and I’m sure before I know it the great people of the Jersey Shore will have rebuilt my beloved boardwalks and their homes so the next time I go to visit family and friends I’ll get to see the new and improved Jersey Shore (hopefully with less Snooki 😛 ).  Peace Love and Metal!!!


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  1. Hey mate, sorry to hear your old stomping ground and buddies have been affected by this: it’s a bad situation, though as you said, thankfully not as bad as it could have been. Bitching about the weather is practically a national sport here in the UK, despite the fact our climate and weather systems are among the mildest anywhere: you’d think these kinda stories would give us grumbling Limeys some pause for though on that score… Good vibes from Brighton, man.

    • Thanks dude! I’m happiest no one was gravely hurt and the body count was at a minimum. I’m looking forward to heading to the area in a few weeks and giving my family and friends a big hug. It sucks being so far away when stuff like this is going on. The communities are really pulling together right now and its so cool seeing so many people selflessly working together. Keep on with the good vibes!

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