Matt’s Top 25 Favorite Cover Songs: #23- Vulgaris Magistralis covered by Heidevolk

1734917-1330118100The first time I heard this song I had believed that it was an original song done by the Dutch metal band Heidevolk.  In reality though, it turned out to be a cover of a song from another dutch rock band called Normaal.  I’ll be honest and say that Vulgaris Magistralis is the only song from them I now know and will give them mad props on writing a song that is mad catchy and fun to sing, even though I don’t know one lick of Dutch.  But, to my ears Heidevolk simply rocks the hell out of this tune about a Dutch hero the songs name is coined after.  Every time I listen to it my beard becomes more burly, my chest more furry, and my beer more flowing.  Check out the cover and the original (translated lyrics are embedded in the Heidevolk video).  Enjoy!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Heidevolk cover:

Original by Normaal:

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