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Bands I Should Like, But Do Not!

So don’t throw a hammer at me or anything because of this list.  I think of myself as an equal opportunity metal fan, but there are some bands out there that I have heard numerous times and/or seen in concert and I still can’t get into them.  So if you asked me if i liked any of the five bands I am about to list, I would either say no or shrug my shoulders in uncertainty.  This list is in no particular order.

1. Lamb of God.  There is no underestimating this band’s popularity.  I want to really like them, I really do because they are a no frills metal band.  They kind of remind me a bit of Pantera.  I even saw them three times in concert with Anthrax, Slayer, and at Download 2010.  I also own two of their albums and still…just can’t be crazy about Lamb of God.  This is one of the shrug my shoulders bands.  I think I am missing something here.

2.  Mastodon.  This is another one I just do not get.  I saw them once with Slayer, but do not own any material from them.  I feel I should like them, but again, not sure what I am missing with this band.  When I saw them, they were loud and heavy live, but I sat in the bleachers patiently waiting for Slayer to come on stage.

3.  Avenged Sevenfold.  I have seen probably all of their videos on Scuzz and Kerrang.  I can see that this band has some talent individually, but as a group I think they are missing the mark. I heard that their earlier stuff was more heavy than it is now.  They seem so popular today, but more with the younger metal crowd.  Maybe it’s because I am pushing 40 that I do not get this band.

4.  Coheed and Cambria.  I like when bands come out with a different style of music.  I like some prog bands and I think this is where Coheed and Cambria fit…so why is it that I can’t get into them?  I am not sure why.  I see that they are wildly popular with their fans and that they are highly talented, but when I hear them I find myself scratching my head.

5.  Meshuggah.  No way.  I tried, I really did, and this is one band I feel I should like, but no.  I bought an album, gave it the three customary listens (for proper judgement), and no.  This band is a no-go for me.

I could probably name a few other bands, but I went with a list of bands that I know reached a certain level of popularity and/or success in the metal world.  I should like them, but either I am still uncertain or I just do not like them.  Do you think I am missing the mark here?  What are some bands you feel you should like, but do not?  Chime in, let’s talk about it.

Tales From Bandcamp: 5 Doom Metal Bands You Should Know About

Doom+metal+doom+metal_9cc41b_4923534I love me some doom metal.  Riffs as chewy as Dubble-Bubble, grooves that make Fat Albert look like Calista Flockhart, and more experimentation than a suburban teenager who just discovered weed and masturbation.  There’s so much to love from this genre, and yet I see that a lot of doom fans are still stuck in the Candlemass, St. Vitus, Black Sabbath days and they tend to not notice that there are a great amount of bands in the modern scene really innovating on the genre (while simultaneously keeping what’s so great about it intact).

Here’s a little list of five bands (in no particular order) which can be found on Bandcamp I feel any self-respecting doom fan should take the time to listen to.  My rules for this list were they had to have a full album to listen to on Bandcamp naturally, be relatively new, and they have to still be active.  So as much as I’d love to add Avatarium, Order of Israfel, or Alunah, they don’t quite meet my guidelines, so go check them out on your own time.  If you know of some doom bands that you want to shout out, drop a comment!  Enjoy! Peace Love and Metal!!! Read the rest of this entry

Album review: The Deadstation – Episode 01: Like Peering into the Deepest Ocean Abyss (EP)

DeadstationCoverLocation: USA

Genre: Progressive metal

Release date: 3 April 2014

Label: Self-released

Recommended to: Fans of many prog metal and crossover prog rock bands including those named in this review

The Deadstation spells its name in upper-case letters. I don’t. My keyboard is allergic to Caps Lock. The sound card, the headphones and my ears, however, are anything but allergic to The Deadstation. I experienced two immediate reactions after playing their one and only release. The first was: “Where are they hiding the rest of their albums?” The second: “Why aren’t there more?”

A digital version of the EP was released two years ago. The physical recording, which includes an additional song, runs to 34 minutes of grand music.

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Full Album Streams: Deathlike by Ancient Vvisdom

Ancient-VVisdom-DeathlikeDue to the somewhat stupid double ‘v’ thing in their band name, I was slightly hesitant to go and check out Ancient Vvisdom.  Man, what a horrible mistake it would have been if I didn’t.  I really can’t say anything for the bands past work or if this record is a one off thing, but their upcoming album Deathlike (due to be released Feb. 4th) is simply tremendous.  Almost entirely acoustic, this record is more metal than many of the metalest releases out there.  Their style could best be compared to, ummm, Agalloch goes doom metal.  But there are also some nice Americana and blues hues to the music as well as some infectious harmonies from both the guitars and vocals.  And man does that low-end know how to bring the thunder.  You can hear the whole album over at Terrorizer and I highly suggest you do so.  My first impression has left me dumbstruck and I will certainly be grabbing Deathlike on release day.  What was I saying the other day about the bar of metal being raised quite high quite early this year?  Sounds like 2013 may be a landmark year yet again for metal fans.  Fans of doom metal, Agalloch, and good music should not wait a second to listen.  Gogogogogoogogogogo!!!!!  Let us know what you thought!  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

(You can click on album cover above to go to the stream, or HERE)

Please ‘Like’ This Post: Facebook and How to Help Your Favorite Bands

Over the past month or so I’ve been reading an ongoing article (in other words: an informed rant) on No Clean Singing about Facebook and the way they handle ‘fan’ pages (like Metal States page or your favorite bands page).  If you haven’t noticed recently, FB has been really pushing its users to ‘promote’ there posts and have been holding back posts from reaching many ‘likers’ newsfeeds to encourage the purchase of the ‘promoted posts’.  This has been going on pretty heavy in the ‘fan’ pages for a while now with increasing gusto each month and just the other day I saw that FB was asking me for money to promote a post on my personal page.  FB is a business and all and I don’t pay a damn penny for it, so I really can’t complain about it all, but there is a ‘but’ in there.  If you want a better and much more researched explanation on what’s going on that pretty much reflects my feelings on the whole think, you can click here to go read the series of articles on No Clean Singing.

While what I’m about to say has already been stated in the above linked articles, I feel like reiterating some points as to why I this kind of annoys me and what you can do to help keep the seed of heavy metal spreading virally.

I do like seeing our humble little blog receive likes and new fans on FB.  It makes me feel like that people are genuinely interested in what I have to say about things and all that other self-gratification stuff.  I also like being able to talk with our readers who choose to voice their opinion on FB instead of on the comments on the blog.  But truth be told, if FB were to disappear tomorrow I really wouldn’t be phased other than an ‘Oh, that sucks’ as I crank up my radio or go back to my game.

What would irk me though is that if FB disappeared tomorrow, what would all the broke-ass up and coming bands and labels do for promotion.  Yes, they could go back to doing it the old way and spread the word of their music locally, but when you have a tool you can use to talk to the whole world at the same time, which one do you think will get the music out there better. If not for FB I don’t think I would have ever found out about some bands that I have come to enjoy immensely.  Even with FB’s new way of limiting post visibility and promotion, I think that bands should still go on and keep using FB to promote themselves.  If just one more person that never heard of you digs your music, you win.

Now onto what you can do to combat FB new policies (for now) and help spread the word of metal.  To over simplify things, the more engagement a type of post has on a ‘fan’ page the more likely it will show up in people’s newsfeeds.  For example: on our FB page I like to post funny pictures about metal quite regularly.  Compared to all of our other posts those receive the most ‘likes’ and comments.  When I look at the ‘reach’ (the amount of people who have viewed the post) is significantly higher than when I post an update about a new article on the blog (which leads me to believe that some people think that our FB page is a funny picture page instead of a promo page for a blog, but that’s another story).

The same works for bands promoting their music, news, etc.  So what YOU need to do is when you see a post by a band you dig is put a ‘like’ on the post to help increase the posts visibility on other people’s pages and better yet drop a comment to increase that post visibility ten-fold.  The metrics don’t care if you write gobbledygook, but when they detect a comment they get all happy and really start spreading the love.  ‘Sharing’ posts makes the numbers go crazier than a virgin at a porno shoot.

So, in short, interact with your favorite band’s posts (and everything else you’re a fan of).  It does have an impact.  And to be self-serving for a moment, interact with our posts on FB, especially when it’s a band you never heard of.  One big reason I love doing Metal State is to have a platform to tell people to check out a band I’m digging in hope that they dig on them too.  So if just one other person becomes a fan of a band I’m talking about I feel like I’ve done a job well done.  If two people become fans, even better, and so on.  I’m sure that the bands themselves are quite appreciative too.  And from the bottom of my heart, Thanks for reading my sloppy thoughts, your support of this humble blog, and spreading the word of glorious metal!  Peace Love and Metal!!

I Like Video Games :)

I was going to write a post hawking the Humble Bundle like I usually do when one of those wonderful bundles of games comes along and as I was writing it up a flood of ideas, opinions, and rants flooded into my head.  So, I scrapped it, choosing instead to just do a big ol’ brain fart on the topic of video games here instead.  I apologize in advance for the lack of flow and disjointed nature of everything written here.  Oh well, let the rambling begin.

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Theme Thursday – Bands I Want To See Live

Other than listening to metal, one of my other favorite things to do is going to live shows and listen to it at ear-numbing decibel levels.  Being 39 and having a job has given me ample time and decent resources to see shows wherever I have lived at that moment in time.  Location has also been a huge factor.  Growing up near Boston, MA and living in San Antonio, TX, Northern California, and England has made things much easier to catch my favorite bands.  For that, I am very thankful yet, some bands still elude me.  I have managed to catch Megadeth 14 times, Slayer 10 times, and Dream Theater 5 times, plus many others multiple times, but for some reason others have slipped away; some by no fault other than my own.  This list is of bands I have yet to see live and still want to see live very much. If you have seen these bands live and think I shouldn’t go, let me know.

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Themed Thursday: Metal Your Nonmetal Lady Might Like

I want to take this moment to dedicate this theme of the week to my wife who is turns 21 today…for the second time.  Happy Birthday babe! This is a repost of an article I wrote a while back about an experiment to find metal my wife would enjoy.  It’s not to turn her into a metalhead like me, but an experiment to find some common ground.  I like some of her nonmetal music so this was a way for me to find metal that wouldn’t make her feel like she was a lamb in a slaughterhouse.

If you are like me then you married someone who doesn’t listen to metal. It was never a prerequisite for me to marry someone who listened to metal like I do.  To make a long story short, I married a Sting, Billy Joel, Cheryl Crow, Michael Buble fan.  Although I respect these artists, they were not part of my music library.  Early on I knew my wife didn’t like metal and it didn’t matter. There is more to a relationship than musical interests and I could tell that my wife, like me, respected talented musicians. When I told her I liked metal she didn’t make a face or ask “are you satanic?” She might have thought it, but didn’t ask it. I knew she was (and is) open-minded and that was good enough for me.

I tried to introduce her to some metal I thought she might at least like…some artists I thought were more commercially accessible. I started with Dream Theater. Surprisingly that didn’t work out too well.  Although she accompanied me to a 3-hour Dream Theater concert in San Francisco, it was not her cup of tea. Her comment was “really talented dudes, but the songs were too long.” So prog was not her thing. I even tried some Megadeth songs…nope. I took her to see Judas Priest. She actually seemed interested in that show because growing up in the 80’s…who didn’t know Judas Priest?  Anthrax opened and that was a definite bust, but she knew some Judas Priest and thought they put on a good show. I think she enjoyed watching the 40+ year olds in he crowd with mullets and balding heads more than the band. But it was a nice sharing a bit of my musical culture with her. Of course it works both ways. She took me to Matchbox Twenty, a ballet in the front row, and a musical featuring all Billy Joel music. I thought they were very well-done performances. So we shared our interests as couples should do. I still wanted to try to find one band; just one band made of metal that should would like. Not just put up with, but actually like.

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Do You Like Tool/A Perfect Circle and Opeth?

If you find yourself digging on bands like Tool and A Perfect Circle you need to know about Soen.  Check out the video below for “Savia” from their debut album Cognitive.  There is a heavy Maynard James Keenan influence in the music, almost to the point of a rip off, but damn, it’s awesome.  It’s not like we’re going to hear anything new from Tool for a while (I do hope I’m wrong about that one).  Oh, and this is the new home of ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez and bassis Steve DiGiorgio of Testament/Death.  Expect a review of the album as soon as I get my hands on it which should be very soon.

Cognitive is going to be released Feb. 13, 2012 in Europe and is set to hit the States Feb. 21, 2012.

You’re Being Very Unmetallike Dude

Like most people, when I listen to music I tend to stick to my preferred genre, and like most others I also like to take steps outside of my preferred genre from time to time to see what else is going on.  Often times reveling in the glorious world of metal can tend to become a bit overbearing and need a breather.  Other times I hear a certain non-metal element in my metal music that catches my ear and the interest gets me to go out exploring and often times I find some great music.  Here are some of my favorite artists outside of the realm of metal.  Some are quite popular, some not, but all are worth checking out.  Do you have some non-metal bands that you would suggest to check out?  Let me know!!  Enjoy!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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