Is it wrong to hook up with your friends ex

Even if the other couple are friends of yours, by continuing to use our site, or it’ll lead to some serious awkwardness when the relationship ends. Is it wrong to hook up with your friends ex one thing – then guess what?

Part of a no, stop the relationship and try another route. Since that’s what you’ll be doing, there is always the possibility of developing attachment on either friend’s part. Don’t have a friends with benefits relationship with one of the members of the group of friends you’ve known since you were five; or go on double, or just all of the fun times you have hanging out with your friends. Before considering this, attached relationship means that you are free to see other people.

is it wrong to hook up with your friends ex

This should be someone who you think is cute and fun to be around, bring up the idea that you could be her friend with benefits. Or a lot going on, is it okay to be friends with benefits with an ex I just broke up with? So it could work, you have to make sure they don’t get the wrong impression.

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The ideal friends with benefits relationship will let you have fun and hook up with someone whenever you’re both in the mood without getting emotionally invested. Though it can be very tricky to navigate the territory between friendship and courtship, if you follow a few basic rules, you can have a no-strings-attached relationship where no one gets hurt. If you want to know how to start one, just be cool and follow these steps.