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The Humble Bundle

For you value shoppers out there do I have the deal of the century for you.  The Humble Bundle is a package consisting of 4 independently developed games and their soundtracks all set with a price that you name and feel they are worthy of.  The games that are included in this bundle aren’t just any run of the mill indie games, no-sir-ee, these are some of the best of the best, cream of the crop, etc etc.  But just beyond getting a great price on these games a portion of the sales goes to charity.  Here’s the link if you want to skip all of my slobbering all over this and get right to it:

So before I get into the list of games that are included, let’s talk quickly about the 2 charities you will be donating to.  First up is Child’s Play Charity.  What these great people do is purchase game consoles, games, toys, books, and various peripherals for children who are suffering from life threatening and/or painful illnesses.  Having these toys and games (of which are age appropriate games and toys are given, so you don’t have to feel guilty about giving a 9-year-old a COD game) lets the kids put their suffering away for small amounts of time so they can forget about their sickness and pain.  They are set up around 70 different hospitals worldwide right now and are constantly growing and adding new hospitals and families to help.

The other charity is the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  What this charity does is defend your rights in a free internet world championing things such as free online speech, online privacy, and consumer rights.  Your donations allow EFF to fund lawyers, policy analysts, activists, and technologists which allow us (read: anyone who uses the internet ) to have a much more powerful voice when a country’s government or large corporation attempts to threaten our online rights.  A good example of what this charity fights is things like SOPA, ACTA, and the new threat of CISPA.  They have been around since 1990 and have worked tirelessly to protect you electronic rights.  They also start many projects such as Blogger’s Rights and information on Teaching Copyrights.

OK, now that you know about the worthy charities, let’s get back to the games.  Ready?  Your gaming mind is about to be blown away.  First up, Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  This game is hands down the scariest game you will ever play and it doesn’t win scares by jump tactics, but rather really knowing how to work its way into the player’s head.  Between the amazing work done on the atmosphere, the superb sound engineering, and twisted storyline, no game has truly made me feel fear like Amnesia did (my review here).  This game alone is worth getting the bundle for, but wait, there’s more.

Next up, SuperBrothers: Sword & Sworcery E.P.  I just started playing this game last night and after my first hour with it can tell you that this is something special.  Using a 8-bit retro graphic style and ‘kinda’ point and click gameplay layout the game goes to weave a tale of adventure and dark magic with great tone and atmosphere as well as great and well-timed sense of humor.  The music work in the game is phenomenal and the whole bundles deal is sweetened because along with the games, the soundtrack is also included (in both FLAC and MP3!).  I have a feeling I will be writing a rave review about this game.

And there’s more!  Limbo.  I can not stress enough how much you must play this game.  In short it is a platform/puzzle game where you navigate a dark and dreary black and white world.  The use of minimalism and striking graphical aesthetics make this game a work of art.  The stellar level/puzzle design make this game a great game to play.  The puzzles are always challenging, but never impossible encouraging you to do some exploring and experimenting.  You can check out my in-depth review here.

And the deal keeps getting better.  Next up, Psychonauts.  While I’ve been a fan of Tim Schafer games since the mid-90’s, it was the laugh out loud hilarious action 3D platformer that sold me on the fact that Tim is the greatest genius in video games today.  You control a young boy Raz who is on a summer camp for gifted children with psychic powers.  There’s a conspiracy and you need to enter the minds of the various denizens of the camp to get to the bottom of everything.  As you run through the game you will be picking up collectables like ‘figments of imagination’ and relieving people of their ’emotional baggage’.  You get super powers like telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and clairvoyance to help you on your quest as well as some of the best writing and voice acting ever presented in a game.  The M.C. Escher inspired paranoid milkman level is a bit of gaming history I will never forget and I can’t wait to play through this game yet again.  If you missed this one in the past, now’s the time to make up for it.

So 4 amazing games with their soundtracks for a price that you name yourself (as little as $0.01, but you don’t want to be a dick, do you? 😉 $25 is a nice price, hint hint hint) with proceeds going to worthy charities, can’t get better, can it.  Well, yes, yes it can.  If you pay more than the average amount (which is currently at $7.63 at the time of writing) you get a bonus 5th game, Bastion.  I played through the game multiple times since it was originally released on XBLA last year and can confidently tell you that you will love this game.  It’s a simple top-down action/rpg where your run around bashing monsters with a big hammer and various other weapons.  What separates the game from the ARPG pack is the beautiful watercolor art style, award-winning music, and one of the best delivered narratives in a video game ever, hands down.  Everything you do is narrated really making you feel like you are personally building the story yourself.  It is a game that really needs to be played and shows how much creativity is still left in game creation taking the tired and true ARPG formula and making it fast and fresh again.

More, you say, you want more, well, OK.  Every game is playable on Windows, Mac, or even Linux.  The system requirements aren’t too high so almost all computers should be able to run them all without a hitch.Also, each game is DRM free which means once you download them there is no activation, no complex security features to deal with or region locking, and you can install them on as many computers as you want, no questions asked.  They are yours to do with as you please.  You also get Steam activation codes (if you donate more than $1.00) if you prefer to play on that platform and get achievements and connect with friends.  Seriously, if you are asking for more at this point you are just greedy 😉

This promotion ends on June 14th, 2012 and is available to every country.  You can pay through PayPal, Amazon Payments (my preferred method), or Google Checkout.  These are all great games and causes are great too.  You have no excuse not to do this (seriously, even if you’re broke you got to have a single dollar lying around somewhere.  Any excuse you can think up I will shoot down with extreme prejudice).  Even if you already have a few of the games, still get it and support the great cause so this bundle can keep happening.  Do not pass this deal up, like, right now, this very second, go get your bundle, now Now NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!  Happy gaming!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Here’s the link again in case you missed it:

Oh, and don’t forget to tell your friends and every gamer you know about this.  Spread the word!!!