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A great warrior is standing at the gates of a castle that is about to be stormed looking to the sky as a bead of sweat drops down his nervous brow.  This grand swordsman wipes the sweat from his brow and hides all of his nervous inhibitions so he does not lose the courage of the army standing behind him.  He know he must be brave and strong for the people at this castle have oppressed him and his people and land for far too long.  To muster up his courage and of his men he unsheathes his great iron broadsword made by his brother, the blacksmith.  Light reflects off snow landing and melting on the edge of his blade as he raises high into the air.  This light calls the attention of his men along with the thundering battle cry that come pouring from lungs.  “We have come, and we will take back what you have forcefully taken from us!”  And then turning to the castle, the swordsman thunders, “Prepare to return to where you have come from.  Our blades, our spears, and our arrows are thirsty, and today, they will sated!!!”  The army bellows in agreement and then the epic battle ensues.

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Video of the Week-Silver Bride

This weeks VotW comes from the the 9th album, Skyforger, by Amorphis. The song is entitled “Silver Bride” and is about a character in Finnish folklore know as Seppo Ilmarinen, the Eternal Hammer.  For now, enjoy the video, and, if you want, hang around afterwords for a little bit on the mythology of Seppo Ilmarinen and the story within the song.

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Album Review-Moonsorrow-Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa

What’s left of the dim moonlight futilely dances around the blackened night sky attempting  to reflect off the mist of precipitation but it is sent back to darkness by the ash that is mixed with.  A single, hair thin beam of light somehow pursues through the gauntlet of grey ash and darkness and meets its end upon meeting what was once a great tree of spruce.  When the determined ray of light lands on the anemic and ravaged tree his once majestic branch gives way and crumbles to the ground covering the men resting below it in a shower of dust and charcoal.  Wiping the darkness from his brow one of the men looks down at his feet and says to his companion, “Well, at least we’re lucky enough to have found this river so we can clean some of this soot off.  Or we could just leave it, the dark can camouflage us from some of the more desperate ones out there.  What ya think buddy?”

The man turns to the other, who is sitting silently close the river and says to him, “Look at that river, as a child I used to swim and play in here.  Now it’s filled with nothing but the poison of the dead and the rust of the technology which ruined us, where did we go wrong?”

He steps closer to the other man and looks at him and look at him endearingly.  “Well, we’re still alive somehow and have each other to keep ourselves from loosing our minds and our heads, eh.  So, what do you think, should we risk washing up in this here river, or leave the soot?”

His friend makes no response, “Buddy, you listening?”  The man places his hand on his friends shoulder and gives him a little shake.  Under the light weight of the mans hand the silent, sitting man drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes landing on his back, his empty eyes glaring back at his friend.  The man drops to his knees pulling the other man into his arms.  He lifts his head back and releases all his fear, sorrow, and rage into a chilling, desperate howl.  The roaming predators were sure to hear him and will soon arrive.

Life on a ravaged earth is a horrible thing to think about.  Nothing good can come of it and as humans we should be doing what we can do to prevent it.  Some people plant trees, some aid others in war torn countries, others speak out against war, and some tell warnings of what may come.  We all have our on personal ways of doing what we can for our home planet, but sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough.  But the main point is that you should be doing all that is in your power to protect it.  Finnish metal band Moonsorrow uses the influence of song and music to give humanity a grim warning of what may happen if we destroy our home with their latest album “Varjoina kuljemme kuolleiden maassa”(“As Shadows We Wander In The Land Of The Dead”), which tells the story of a world after an apocalypse.

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