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SOTD – 10 Nov 2010

Even thought I have the pleasure of a day of leave today, it wouldn’t be complete without a song of the day.  This song goes back to 1998 from a German band called Helloween.  Today’s song of the day is:

Time by Helloween off the Better than Raw album

Have a great hump day 😉

SOTD – 13 October 2010

Guten Tag!  I had no idea what today’s song of the day meant, but I hear it’s banned in Germany.  So if the Germans ban their most popular metal band in their own country then I imagine it’s pretty meaningful somehow.  Today’s SOTD is:

Ich Tu Dir Weh by Rammstein off their most recent release Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da

Rammstein will be coming to America in 2010.  You should be there wherever they are.  Their Sonisphere headlining show was nothing short of impressive.  So much fire…