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Book Review-John Ajvide Lindqvist-Let the Right One In

Why am I writing about a book that seemingly has nothing at all to do with metal here?  Well, in general, metal fans often tend to be fans of the horror genre and that is what Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist is.  Also throughout the course of the book there are a good handful of references to Iron Maiden and Kiss which gives it metal cred in my book.  That, and it is a really good read that you should check out.

Let the Right One In takes a genre of a specific class of horror monster that many have come to utterly despise due to a series of books and movies that hurled literary and cinematic filth all over, and puts an interesting twist on the classic creature.  It takes the classic Gothic vampire and brings it to a modern-day setting and tells an endearing tale of puppy love.  But before the big “T” word alarm goes off in your head, this is not anything like that literary excrement.  Let the Right One In is a story involving brutal murder, alcoholics, shunned and bullied youth, and the most twisted tale of puppy love you will ever hear.

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