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Video of the Week: Mein Herz Brennt by Rammstein

Besides death and taxes, there is one other thing that one can always be sure of.  Rammstein will always release visually appealing and completely tweaked music videos.  Their latest for “Mein Herz Brennt” (“My Heart Burns”) is a strange one featuring what I guess is some kind of orphanage where a twisted man kills the headmaster and does very bad things to the children.  While slightly NSFW there is nothing directly depicting child abuse, yet there are obvious allusions to it.  If any of our readers speak German I’d be curious to know if the context of the lyrics play into the video’s narrative and maybe make more sense to all that twisted imagery.  Anywho, give the video a watch and let us know what you thought.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Video of the Week Addition: Veil of Isis by The Sword

Mere seconds after I made my Video of the Week post The Sword released their new video for “Veil of Isis” off of their excellent new record Apocryphon.  It would be a sin not to include it in my list of the best videos recently released and it’s a damn cool video and great song so instead of just going back and editing a 4th video in with the post it gets its own little place to call home.  Basically a young girl takes some peyote given to her by a mysterious stranger and becomes a goddess in her trips.  Yaaaaaa, taking hallucinogenic drugs from a random guy is
always a great idea, sign me up for 3 please.  Does make for some really cool visuals though.  Slightly NSFW, drug use and shots of the unclothed female glutamus maximus.  Enjoy!  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Videos of the Week: Lucky Animals, The Diplomat, and Been Away Too Long

And to close off the week here are my picks for the best heavy metal videos to come out over the past couple of weeks.  First up is the video for “Lucky Animals” by Devin Townsend.  You may remember a while ago I posted a video of Devin doing a silly dance to his latest single and that was the precursor to the idea behind the full-fledged official video.  Using clips sent in by fans, Devin created a collage of videos to make one hell of a music video worth watching several times to see all the crazy and silly stuff his admirers sent in.  It’s always cool when an artist does videos like this and getting the fan base involved in the music.  It makes the whole thing much more personal.  And damn, if that ain’t a catchy tune.

Next up is Pig Destroyer’s video for “The Diplomat” off their rage filled new album, Book Burner.  If you go back a couple posts you check out my thoughts on the record as well as listen to the whole thing yourself.  The video is really neat with its Stanley Kubrick film style mixed with a really neat color and layering video effect.  The message the video sends is also quite powerful as ‘the diplomat’ arrives on a planet of space gorillas, shows them something shiny, introduces guns to them, and chuckles as they discover the joy of gunpowder fueled battle over who gets the shiny object.  One of the do not miss metal videos of this year.

For the final video, Soundgarden’s return to new music is quite the surprise.  I loved Badmotorfinger and Superunknown, but I feel that the Seattle band lost their spark on everything else released after that.  They didn’t become flat-out bad, just rather boring.  So I didn’t put too much stock into their new record being to great, but a return to form would be more than welcome in my CD collection.  Unfortunately the new record, King Animal, and the lead single off it “Been Away Too Long” are mediocre at best.  So why does it get a spot here?  Well the video is pretty damn cool looking.  The concept isn’t anything new, but I’ll be damned not to say it’s well-directed and sharp-looking.  Worth checking out.

Videos of the Week: Audiophile and Sleigh Ride

Here’s a nice pair of videos for you this week.  The first is from the filthy, party animal rock band Glitter Dick and their single off their upcoming record  Sparkling Richard.  Being one hell of a catchy tune in the vein of a heavier David Bowie/Iggy Pop, “Audiophile” also delivers on the A/V level with it hilarious DIY approach and nods to the cheesy slasher flicks of the 70s and 80s (Troma’s Sgt. Kabukiman keeps popping into my head for some reason).  The video is damn fun and yet again proof a band can make a great video for less than the cost of a packet of ramen noodles and not have to resort to stoic performance footage.  And going by the live band footage they spliced in with the video, it seems seeing these guys live is one hell of a gloriously depraved experience.

Now I’m going to get all American on you and start celebrating Christmas well before December 25th hits.  Metalcore band August Burns Red have recently released a Christmas album filled with metalized Christmas music, because metalheads love Christmas too, ya know.  The song is super happy and while the video looks like one of those Ipod commercials, it is still pretty neat and reminds me of the joy of being a kid on Christmas morning.  Check it out.  Peace Love and Metal!!!

Video of the Week: Blodtørst

For quite a while I’ve been seeing the band name Kveltertak being tossed around with never a description of what they sounded like but never clicked on the link to check out their music.  Making an ass of u m and e, I just figured that they were another Scandinavian black metal band and went on my way.  I really need to stop doing that, it’s not healthy.  Kveltertak black metal, instead they are a great blend of dirty heavy metal, rock and roll, and crusty punk rock.  It’s all quite fun actually and their animated video for “Blodtørst” is really cool.  Check it out!  Now onto checking out bands that I passed up because of their band name, shame on me.  Peace Love and Metal!!




Music Video Mania-Modern Retro Videos

When watching movies I’ve been caught often saying “they don’t make ’em like they used to”, especially if I’m going back and watching a classic such as Ghostbusters, The Dark Crystal(or any Jim Henson movie for that matter), or Conan the Barbarian.  There was something special about those films that gave a warm human touch to them, probably the fact that human hands had touched every aspect of the creation.  I’m not saying that modern movies suck, in fact I enjoy them quite a bit, but you have to admit that some of the movie magic is gone.  The same could be said about music videos.  Back then(err, the 80’s and 90’s) making a music video was usually on a tight budget and people didn’t have access to inexpensive HD video camera or video editing software, but they got by using some creativity and imagination.

Here are some modern(post 2000’s) metal music videos that whether using modern technology or not give a shout out to an age past by incorporating themes, moods, colors, and techniques used in movies and music videos.  Enjoy!! And if you know of any modern retro metal videos that aren’t listed here I’d love to know about it down in the comments!!  Peace Love and Metal!!!!

Opeth-The Devils Orchard

Just like Opeth‘s latest album is a throwback to the sounds of the 70’s it would seem logical that their latest music video would do the same.  It has that 70’s psychedelic exploitation movie style and I love the soft colors throughout the video.  So, who else thought of The Seventh Seal(I think the chess board was a direct nod to that film, especially since it’s a Swedish-made movie and Opeth are Swedish) and Hitchcock, especially Vertigo?

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Video of the Week- Nehalennia

Probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Netherlands is legal weed and Amsterdam.  But the country has a much deeper culture than hydro and hippies and Dutch metal band Heidevolk wants you to know that.  Even if they sing completely in their native tongue the music give you a great feel for their culture.  “Nehalennia” comes off their third album Uit Oude Grond(From Old Ground).  Check it out, it’s a killer song and video, and let us know what you think.

Nehalennia is a (possibly either Germanic or Celtic) goddess attested on and depicted upon numerous votive altars discovered around what is now called the province of Zeeland, the Netherlands, where the Rhine River flowed into the North Sea, whose worship dates back at least to the 2nd century BC, and who flourished in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD.

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Video of the Week- The Serpent’s Kiss

Ok, this week I have not been able to bring myself to stop listening to the new album from Symphony X album Iconoclast with the exception of giving the excellent new Rhapsody of Fire album From Chaos to Eternity its fair share of listens(I’m on about 5 playthroughs, I lost count on the new SX).  Since I don’t think this SX kick is ending anytime soon I felt it only fitting to present one of their videos as video of the week this week.  So, here you go, off their previous album, Paradise Lost, “The Serpent’s Kiss”.  Enjoy!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!  Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the new Symphony X album, you may want to fix that(after you read my review of it of course 😉 ).

The video gives a pretty cool look at the SX version of Adam and Eve and the whole snake and forbidden fruit business.  I definitly dig the art direction they took on this video with the alien looking Adam and Eve.  I just wish that they went with a snake more intimidating than a Boa Constrictor, which is a very friendly and tame breed of snake, a Viper or Cobra would have been cooler.  But I can understand the choice for budget and safety reasons.  The album Paradise Lost is based on the John Milton epic poem of the same name from the 1600’s.

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Video of the Week-Silver Bride

This weeks VotW comes from the the 9th album, Skyforger, by Amorphis. The song is entitled “Silver Bride” and is about a character in Finnish folklore know as Seppo Ilmarinen, the Eternal Hammer.  For now, enjoy the video, and, if you want, hang around afterwords for a little bit on the mythology of Seppo Ilmarinen and the story within the song.

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