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Down a Baltic Stream with Metsatöll

Estonian Folk Metal band Metsatöll now have their latest release Ulg(Howl) streaming with and can be heard in its entirety below. It’s a damn cool album and totally worth your time to give a listen to.  In lieu of harsh screamed or growled vocals the band favors big and loud clean vocals sung in tandem as well as solo and in choir. They also incorporate some great traditional metal riffing and some boot stomping rhythms with beautiful folk melodies of their region. A video for the albums first single, “Küü” (“Serpent”) can be seen below. Make sure you at least check out the track “Kivine Maa”, it’s a great headbanger. Uld is available now through Spinefarm Records if you feel inclined to give it a purchase, which you should 😉 Enjoy and let us know what you thought!! Peace Love and Metal!!!

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Music Video Mania

A while ago on my personal blog(which I really haven’t been giving much attention to lately, poor thing) I started doing this weekly post where I chose some kind of theme and posted a bunch of music videos pertaining to that theme.  It was fun to do as I enjoy music videos and making lists of things, but then I migrated myself over to this here blog and got a little lazy and the short lived Music Video Mania got neglected.  Well, I am going to try to right the wrong and bring the series back, not on a weekly basis again but on a when ever I feel up to it basis(a couple times a month about) here on A Metal State of Mind.  For today’s episode I will ctrl-c/ctrl-v one of my older posts and will send over some of my better episodes here and there as well as new ones popping up also, so if some of the things I say in the post seem a bit dated it’s because I’m lazy and didn’t go back and update things that I wrote.  Hope you all enjoy and if you have any suggestions on themes or videos to recommend, let me know.  Without any further ado, here Music Video Mania: Worldwide Metal!!!!! Peace Love and Metal!!!!

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