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Themed Thursday – Videogame Downloads

Instead of doing my usual theme on something music-based, I am covering some gaming stuff this week.  Recently, I have accumulated several classic downloadable games.  Do you have extra points left over from your gamer points card?  Never fear, I have a few ideas for you to spend them and have fun reaping the rewards.  Here are some fully downloadable games (listed below) that I found on both the Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.  If you have some points left over or are just itching to buy a points card and download something that doesn’t cost you $60.00, then check out these games.  All of the games listed below are from 400-800 points on either Nintendo or Xbox 360.  They may also be found on Playstation 3, but I don’t have that console.

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Nintendo Wii: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Former game rivals, Mario & Sonic, join forces to compete in this cartoony Olympic-based game.  The Nintendo exclusive is full of events that most other Olympic-based videogames shy away from.  I haven’t counted all the events yet, but there must easily be 30+ standard events.  You can participate in cycling, equestrian, table tennis, badminton, plus the usual summer games we all see every four years.  In addition to the standard Olympic Games, there are dream events which are far-fetched events based on real events.  There is also a party mode which models itself after the popular Mario Party series.  There are lots of opportunities for game play besides event competition.

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