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North of Nowhere Interview

In the heat of the desert, not to far from Phoenix, AZ, exists a little town known as Apache Junction. Within this town there is a little known band that is rising in popularity within the local Arizona metal scene. Comprised of five members, Alec, Yani D, Taco, Zach, and Shultz, North of Nowhere aren’t what one would consider your typical local metal band. Instead of sticking to one medium of metal N.o.N push themselves to all corners of the envelope and push it from each direction as they skillfully infuse different styles of music such as funk, jazz, blues, and punk with glorious metal. They also take it on step further in infusing different styles by often trading off their instruments with each other so you can not just get one persons style of playing on a set instrument, but multiple different takes which makes for a fun and interesting listen.
For those who don’t live in the AZ area here’s a chance to get some hipster cred and get yourself into a big up and coming band before the whole world goes crazy for these amazing Arizonians. Take a few minutes to watch the interview(sorry about my “relaxed” composure 😉 ), check out some of their music, watch a video or two, and subscribe to their Facebook page. And if you live in the AZ area, go check out one of their killer live shows, and if you don’t live in AZ, start booking that plane ticket now!!!

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