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Rush Signs to RoadRunner Records

Normally I don’t give a damn about record labels and who signs to who and which label has the best/worst bands.  But yesterday I stumbled upon this bit of news and it got me excited with tons of wishful thinking.  Prog legends Rush have signed to long-time metal giant label RoadRunner Records and will be releasing a live album from their most recent tour along with their 20th!! studio album tentatively to be titled Clockwork Angels.

Now, new live album and studio album are awesome and all, but the first place that my brain went to would be a dream concert that now has a real possibility to happen(slightly modified from my original dream concert).  Often times labels will take bands that have something in common and send them on tour together.  So, check this out, along with Rush, RoadRunner also has in its line-up of artists Dream Theater, Opeth, and Porcupine Tree.  Yeah….  The Prog Overload Tour.  It would have to be an all day event as to give each band at least the 2 hour set they deserve with a decent break in between each band to let the audiences mind right itself again.

The Big 4 Tour was a huge success for Thrash Metal.  Now I want my Big 4 of Prog.  I’m sure all the bands have huge respect for each other(in interviews they’re often citing each other as inspiration and say they have much respect for each others bands) and a tour like this would be a pleasure for everyone involved so I bet they’d be excited to do it.  And all are still currently active so there will always be new stuff to promote.  Someone has to recognize the goldmine they’re sitting on.  I know it’s a lot of wishful thinking, but one can dream.  What do you all think of RoadRunner’s latest acquisition?  Do you think it’s possible a Big 4 of Prog could happen?  Would you go to a tour such as this?

And congrats to RoadRunner on picking up Rush, great move.  Peace Love and Metal!!!



Theme Thursday – Things You May Not Have Heard…

The theme for this week is to introduce you to things you may not have heard.  Some of it is metal you might find on a b-side single, Japanese import, or somewhere else I can’t even fully explain.  Sometimes, bands go out and record music and if you are not really on top of your metal game, these songs get released without a real warm welcome.  This week, my goal is to get at least one new song into your repertoire.  As of now, I don’t know how many songs I will present to you, so let’s see how it goes.

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