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Storytelling Videos: Skyharbor – Patience

From Skyharbor’s highly anticipated full length release “Guiding Lights”, out on November 10 on Basick Records. The video is magically created by Jess Cope at Owl House Studios.


“Sleep… stay asleep.

My soul yearns for one last look at you
Before I leave you here to be hidden within idyllic peace
It’s the perfect memory and I keep it close to me

Bound with wire
Cut me deep into the seams
Flow the colours of the queen
I live like I’m the only one, the fragile one that fights to survive
Crown the liar
Buried deep beneath the cross
Tainted hearts forever lost

Sweet treasure, let go of all you know
Sweet treasure, you are the one, you are my only true pleasure

Now watch me burn it all down, parasite town
Far down below it’s a fight for survival
So scared as I am of you
I’ll burn it all down, parasite town
I call this survival
So scared as I am of you, parasite town.”

Storytellers Pt. II

Following on from the first post in the series dealing with concept albums, I thought I’d add my two cents about a couple of albums I think emulate what I enjoy most about records with stories: the interplay between plot and music. The best ones can be akin to the bards of old, strumming on a lyre or a harp whilst extolling the adventures and virtues of some hero or another. While the stories have obviously changed and adapted since then, some of that element is still present, particularly in some metal albums. One of the two albums I’m going to describe here is very much lauded at A Metal State Of Mind, the other perhaps a bit more unsung, both on this site and in general.

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